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More than just dance

The Beaumont Company is all set to take you through the journey of life through their upcoming dance theatrical experience ‘Life is beautiful’. NT BUZZ finds out more


As a little girl, Sonia Jaffer enjoyed watching the Russian circus. “We used to travel a lot and I used to ask my dad to take me to watch the show again and again,” she recalls.

But more than the splendid acts by the animals, it was the acts without any dialogue, featuring a clown and a mime artist that really fascinated Jaffer. “This stayed with me and I really wanted to do something around it but didn’t know how,” she reveals. But gradually the idea of doing a show on dance theatre began to evolve.

And now the celebrity choreographer together with her team at the Beaumont Company is all set to present their first dance theatre-based show. Titled ‘Life is Beautiful’, the 30-minute show will be held on March 29 at Rumi Goa, an event and performance space in Taleigao. ‘Life is Beautiful’ is being hosted as part of their intimate series of events named – Rumination where artists of poetry, theatre, music, and dance tell stories through these expressive art forms.

The performance, she says, will showcase how life can be pretty tough and challenging, but yet, in the end, when you look around, you realise that it is indeed beautiful. “It was a lesson I learnt in the past one month when everything in life seemed to be going wrong. However, there was one person who kept pointing out that in the end life is still beautiful, which I realised was in fact true as I still have my feet, I am still dancing,” she explains and adds, “It is a very personal thing for me and I want to make it personal for everybody.”

The performance will include a mix of dance and dialogue with a focus on body language. While this is the first showcase of this kind for the dance company, if it does work, they intend to try and make it a monthly event and perhaps include other theatrics to it like singing, mime, clowning, etc. “We have many other themes in the line up too. We want to reach as many people as possible and thus keep the tickets at a reasonable rate. If at the end of the show even one person can go home and say it changed their life or helped them make a decision, we will have been successful,” she says. In their efforts to reach out to people, Jaffer also intends to take the experience to people’s homes.

“The days are gone when you had to step out to watch theatre, now theatre comes to your homes,” she says. Further, she believes that people are hesitant to go out and watch something new. Thus by taking it to people’s homes they will get a better understanding of the concept. “Besides, Goans are known for their hospitality and are very open to welcoming you to host a performance in their homes,” she says.

Taking performances to beaches and villages is also on the list. “For every kind of location we have something,” she says.

(The show will be held on March 29, 7.45 p.m. at Rumi Goa, Taleigao)


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