Thursday , 22 February 2018

The Monte Music Festival a musical extravaganza

The Monte Music Festival has made a niche for itself in the cacophony of festivals held through the length and breadth of the state. Over the years the festival organised by Fundação Oriente in association with Cidade de Goa, has brought to the Goan audience some of the finest performances in the classical music and dance world, be it Indian or Western. The 16th edition of festival this year saw some really good performances at the Capela da Nossa Senhora do Monte in Old Goa. The opening performance for the festival was a traditional Odissi dance recital by Mitali D’Souza and her daughters, Diya and Risa. The performance was followed by a presentation of a new perspective to Konkani hymns by the Aradhon Choir from Goa with the vocal and instrumental arrangements around the melody of the hymns.

The other two days saw the performances by folk singer Mangka and the Laihui Ensemble who delighted the audience with traditional Manipuri songs and a programme of sacred music ‘A Cappella through the Ages’ by The Bangalore Men, conducted by Jonas Olsson. The day three saw a Fado performance by Pedro Moutinho, accompanied by musicians Andre Dias, Tiago Silva and Daniel Pinto. The closing performance for the festival was rendered by the Trio Inferno: pianist Marialena Fernandes with Barna Banfi on the saxphone and mezzo soprano Mareike Jankowski on themes from Handel, Dvorak, Messiaen, Bartholdy and Liszt.

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