Monday , 22 January 2018
Mollob – Tiatr REVIEW  JP Pereira

Mollob – Tiatr REVIEW JP Pereira

John D’ Silva’s new tiatr ‘Mollob’ narrates a story of a household that is destroyed when family members get attached to modern technology and resort to extra marital affairs.

Reema is recently married to Vicky.  He earns a decent salary that is sufficient to live a comfortable life without extravagant expenditure. The wife however is a spendthrift. She ends up spending half her husband’s salary to buy a smartphone and is addicted to social network. There is no time to cook, to do the household chores. The husband loses his cool, slaps her, and she walks out of the house to live with her equally modern mother. A friend convinces Vicky to request Reema to come back home as she is going to bear a child. The return is conditional. The mother and daughter demand for a widescreen LED television to which Vicky agrees. But is this the end of demands?  Watch what happens next, when the child is born and the mother is still busy with her own fun.

The tiatr takes a critical look into addiction of humans to social network. Everything else takes the second place. Entertainment comes first!  We make friends all over the world but people living with us are ignored. Meena Goes plays the selfish ego-centric Reema in style. There is great acting, facial expressions and stylishly dressed actors in the play. Meeta plays the ageing mother who loves all modern things. Peter is aptly cast as the neglected husband while Ivon is the other boy, who is out to make a fast buck. John D’Silva does a fine job as one of the good friend joining Kenny and Remy to provide plenty of humour. Acts of the begging incident and the broken leg are hilarious.

The band has Christo on the trumpet, Dias on the saxophone, Jose on the drums, Twiggy on bass and Jose on keyboards. There are songs sung by Meeta, Meena, Lawry, Peter, Marcus and John. A solo each  from Ivon and  Edward and a quartet from Edward-Meeta-Peter-Meena stand out in the tiatr.

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