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Modi Has Picked Up A Liability In Sadhvi’s Form


In nominating Sadhvi Pragya from Bhopal, the BJP will meet its Waterloo in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections. Narendra Modi’s impudence in first approving her nomination and then defending it will come a cropper as May 23 comes around. The BJP poll pundits may have done their calculations while giving her the ticket but one knows Bhopal as a city with a sizeable Muslim population which will surely work against the BJP candidate. In claiming Sadhvi Pragya’s nomination and forecasting her victory to demolish the label of Hindu terror, Narendra Modi has shown his and the BJP’s communal agenda in supporting a terrorist. Narendra Modi, the self-proclaimed fighter against terrorism around the world, has succumbed and sided with a terrorist thus proving that his campaign against terror rings hollow. Irrespective of whether or not Sadhvi Pragya is convicted for the Malegaon bomb blast or not for which she is on bail, the fact remains there is enough evidence that she was involved in terror activities both in its planning and execution. That is the reason why she should not have been nominated by the BJP for the Lok Sabha election. Modi needs to also understand and differentiate between those on bail for civil offences and those involved in criminal and terror-related offences. As for the torture of Sadhvi Pragya, the same finicky process of thinking persists with Modi. Where he claims that he has been cleared of any guilt related to the Gujarat riots in 2002 because of a Supreme Court judgment and flaunts that clean chit around, in the context of Sadhvi Pragya he is refusing to accept the Supreme Court judgment, which said that her claims of torture were baseless. This is a typical example of the classic saying that says – What is good for the goose is not good for the gander. As for Sadhvi Pragya, she suffers from an advanced case of the foot-in-the-mouth disease. Symptoms of this have already emerged with her Karkare curse and that since she apologised for her comment, she has asked whether those who tortured her will now apologise. These are early days and Modi will realise what a liability he has picked up in this self-styled sadhvi.


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