Tuesday , 13 November 2018
Miransha Naik’s Juze releases in Goa

Miransha Naik’s Juze releases in Goa


A Konkani film ‘Juze’ by writer-director Miransha Naik had its premiere at Ravindra Bhavan Margao, on Friday.

Before the film which has got an ‘A’ certification was screened, the artistes were blessed by Fr Amandio Valadares, parish priest of Our Lady, Mother of the Poor Church, Tilamol. He said a small prayer and mentioned that it is a joyous moment for the cast and crew as well as for the general public that Juze is finally being premiered in Goa.

He further added: “Miransha is an ex-student of Our Lady, Mother of the Poor High School, Tilamol. He started his venture in our school when he played a small role in a play nervously. I appreciate his leadership today. Even today when I look at Miransha, I see a young boy full of life in him. I congratulate him for ‘Juze’.”

The film ‘Juze’ has been screened at several international film festivals in Hong Kong, Europe, Mumbai and at 48th International Film Festival of India, besides receiving accolades from the film critics worldwide. Recently, the film has also been nominated at the New York Film Festival in three categories including Best Screenplay, Best Film and Best Child Actor (Rishikesh Naik).

It was released in France in January in around 18 screens. The team was surprised to see the number of viewers for around three weeks that the film ran, considering it a huge success. The lead cast of film ‘Juze’ includes Rushikesh Naik, Sudesh Bhise, Prashanti Talpankar, Gauri Kamat, Barkha Naik, Pranav Narote. Juze is a story of a migrant boy, Santosh who along with other migrants, is exploited and abused by the landlord, Juze. Santosh who is stubborn never listens to the landlord, who often beats him up for his stubbornness. The film is an ordinary life journey of Santosh. It is an art film that has various elements of tragedy, love, heart break, humour, drama, and also showcasing violence in some scenes.

An Indian-French-Dutch co-production, ‘Juze’ will be screened at Maquinez Palace, Panaji on April 16 at 3.30 p.m.

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