Wednesday , 19 December 2018
Miranda shoots Betalbatim into semis
Players of Betalbatim Sporting Club and Raia Sporting Club in action during their 47th Custodio Memorial match at Raia on Sunday

Miranda shoots Betalbatim into semis

Raia: Betalbatim Sporting Club have entered the final of 47th Custodio Memorial Football Tournament defeating Raia Sporting Club 5-4 via ‘sudden death’ played at panchayat grounds, Raia on Sunday. The teams played a goalless draw during the regulation time.

Both the teams matched each other well in all the departments of the game as the teams latched on to positional play with a lot of acceleration in their moves.

While Raia Sporting Club had more possession of the ball in the first session, Betalabtim Sporting came charging up in the second session and could have scored had it not been for some brave goalkeeping by Raia SC keeper Lio Colaso who displayed great courage under the bar.

Betalbatim’s defence gave a good account with stopper back Frazier Rogtao standing firm along with wing backs Manushawn Fernandes, Zebon Dias and Sherwin Costa putting in their best efforts to quell the moves that were made by Raia strikers.

Raia Sporting Club too were strong in the defence and their midfield looked quite effective comprising of Sheegan Dias, Vicky Gaunkar, Eldon Colaso and Danny Colaso who provided several good passes, but the strikers simply could not find the mark.

Lyod Cardozo had a great chance in the second session but his chip missed the mark narrowly. So was the case with the other two strikers – Oilex Oliveira and Danny Colaso.

Betalbatim striker Aniston Fernandes looked dangerous midway in the second session as he nearly scored, but just when was about to pull the trigger, he was disposssed from behind by a Raia defender.

As the teams were involved in a dead-lock the tie breaker had to be adopted which ended in a stalemate with both the teams being levelling it 4-4. Betalbatim scored accurately through Klushner Pereira, Aniston Fernandes, Selio Fernandes and Dever D’Souza. Raia found the mark through Oilex Oliveira, Daniel Gomes, Joston Barreto and Vicky Gaunkar.

With ‘sudden-death’ adopted, Clifford Miranda scored the match for winner Betalbatim while Raia’s Danny Fernandes’ shot was saved. Betalbatim Sporting Club now meet Sao Jose de Areal in the final.

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