Sunday , 16 June 2019
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‘Miranda House’ to be released in Konkani and Marathi

After a period of five years film director Rajendra Talak is gearing up for the release of his seventh film in April. The thriller titled ‘Miranda House’ has been produced by Rajendra Talak Creations in Konkani and Iris Production in Marathi, and was shot entirely in Goa last October.

“The 85-minute film is creatively made and the beginning shouldn’t be missed. It is gripping till the end,” Talak revealed as he informed that the exact date for the release in April hasn’t been finalised as there are plans to release the Marathi movie simultaneously in Maharashtra too.

The film, Talak says, is one that also celebrates a large Goan cast and crew. The lead role here is played by Sainkeet Kamat, a Goan actor who has attained popularity in Maharashtra for roles in serials like ‘Tujha Majha Breakup’ and ‘Ratris Khel Chale’. Actor Milind Gunaji is a well-known actor having worked in films in various languages, and also has roots in Goa.

“It is a completely Goan film, and it was while working on the film that I came to know about Milind Gunaji’s Goan roots and was happy that most of the people working in this film are Goan. There is so much creativity in Goa and there are so many Goans related to this film,” said Talak. The cast also includes Pallavi Subhash, Prince Jacob, John D’Silva, Audhoot Sahakaro, Sanjay Talwadkar, Sanjiv Prabhu, Madhavi Desai and Anil Raikar.

Incidentally cinematographer Suraj Kurade who has worked as chief assistant DOP on films like ‘Queen’, ‘Bodyguard’, ‘Stree’, etc, was roped in alongside editor Vardhan Dhaimodkar who was an assistant editor for the Marathi film ‘Naal’. While Ashok Patki has created the music for the film, Oscar Award winning sound designer Resul Pookutty has designed the sound for the film.

Speaking about this film that has been made on a budget of about `1.5 crore, Talak who is also the vice chairman of Entertainment Society of Goa said that he had to take a long break before this film as his priority was addressing concerns of filmmakers in Goa, revamping the Film Finance Scheme, scheduling festivals and more, all of which has fallen in place.


It is the first time that I doing a film in Konkani. There is so much creativity in Goa and all that has been utilised for this film. It was a great experience working in Goa.”

–Milind Gunaji, Actor

“I left Goa because there wasn’t much scope for films and theatre. It is every actor’s dream to work with a good film director. My dream has been fulfilled after having worked with Rajendra Talak. This is my first film, and the first in Konkani.”

-Sainkeet Kamat, Actor

“‘O Maria’, Talak’s film in which I acted received tremendous support. There is a lot of creativity in this film. The film is done and it is now the audience who has to come to the theatre and support this film and all Konkani films that are made in Goa to encourage Goan directors.”

-John D’Silva, Actor

“I had fun working on this project. It is my first independent film working as an editor. Talak’s vision can be seen in the film along with the narration which doesn’t follow the usual story telling process.”

-Vardhan Dhaimodkar, Editor

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