Wednesday , 27 March 2019
Mirabai gets a stamp

Mirabai gets a stamp

Founder of Big Foot, Lotoulim, Maendra Alvares is glad that his sculpture of Sant Mirabai will now be used as a cancellation stamp. NT BUZZ gets his insights on this feat


The first permanent pictorial cancellation stamp of Goa based on the sculpture of Sant Mirabai at the Big Foot Lotoulim was launched on October 12. Founder of Big Foot artist Maendra Alvares expresses his happiness over this moment of pride for Goa.

A cancellation is a postal marking applied on a postage stamp or postal stationery to deface the stamp and prevent its re-use. Cancellations come in a huge variety of designs, shapes, sizes and colours. Many Indians states have their cancellation stamps but Goa has never had its own cancellation stamp. “It is a great moment for Goa, especially Lotoulim, to have its first permanent pictorial cancellation. I am even happier since my art will be passed on across the world,” Maendra.

The pictorial cancellation will be used at Lotoulim post office to cancel letters posted in the specified letter box at the cultural hub. This permanent pictorial cancellation is going to take the memory of the visit all over the world in the form of the cancellation impressed upon the picture postcards and letters which are generally posted by foreign tourists. The pictorial cancellation is a collectible for philatelists.

Maendra sculptured Sant Mirabai at the Big Foot, Lotoulim. The laterite sculpture is 14 meters X 5 meters, and was  single-handedly completed in 30 days. The sculpture has entered six record books including Limca Book of Records for being the fastest made and the longest laterite sculpture. “It is most befitting that music loving Goans are honouring Mirabai both in sculpture and through the pictorial cancellation. A permanent pictorial cancellation is different from the normal cancellation found on letters,” he says.

Alvares has also illustrated a line art for the pictorial cancellation. At Mahapex held in Pune on January 15, 2012, a special cover and cancellation on the sculpture of Mirabai was released.

In this case it is the picture of Mirabai which will be found on the cancellation stamp. The Post Office in Lotoulim is proud to have Goa’s first pictorial cancellation stamp, depicting the sculpture of Sant Mirabai.

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