Miniature Ganesh by Rudresh

Rudresh Rajiv Kamat from Corlim, Old Goa speaks to NT BUZZ about his latest Ganesh miniature artworks


For past 8 years, Rudresh Kamat from Old Goa has been carving various miniatures artworks. And every year for Ganesh Chaturthi he makes a point to carve Ganesh on different mediums like coal, crayon, tree skin, pencil lead etc. This time he has made use of black pencil lead as his medium and has carved Ganesh measuring 1 centimetre into 2 millimetres.

Though it’s not easy to make miniature artworks, Rudresh through practice and self-learning has been honing his artistic skills. He holds a Masters degree in Human Resource Management and has no formal training in fine arts but his passion for miniatures, has taken his creativity to the next level. “To sculpt a miniature on a black pencil lead takes almost 6 to 7 hours of intense hard work. You need to have patience and you need to carve it very carefully. I used normal tools like a blade and stitching needles,” says Rudresh.

He has over 50 miniatures artworks and has plans to display and exhibit them.

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