Thursday , 23 May 2019
Milagres scripts perfect win for Curtorim
NOT THIS TIME: Curtorim Gymkhana keeper attempts a save from a shot of a Cuncolim Union striker during their Chandor Seamen Rolling Trophy match played at Chandor on Friday

Milagres scripts perfect win for Curtorim

Chandor: Curtorim Gymkhana entered the quarterfinals of Chandor Seamen Rolling Trophy football tournament defeating Cuncolim Union by a solitary goal played at Chandor grounds on Friday.

The goal which proved to be the match winner came off in the 65th minute when attacking medio Milagres Fernandes ran solo from the middle eluding the entire Cuncolim Union defence and after entering box, placed the ball to the far corner of the nets beating Cuncolim keeper Vicky Naik.

Both the teams were evenly balanced in all the departments of the game with the defence of both the teams putting up an impressive performance while the midfield functioned efficiently to spray passes upfront.

Except for that folly of Cuncolim Union defenders when they were caught napping in the 65th minute as Milagres sped into the box, to score a great goal.

Cuncolim defender Ednie Fernandes and company stood firm in the first session and kept a hawk eye on the Curtorim strikers who could not do much to maneavour their way into the box to find the mark.

It was in the second half that Curtorim Gymkhana got a break through after medio James Fernandes sent a long ball in the middle where Milagres Fernandes laid in wait and no sooner did he get his touch to the ball, he outsmarted the entire Cuncolim defence to stun their rivals with a great goal that was easily the best so far witnessed in tournament.

The match then proceeded with quick exchange of passes and a goal looked imminent at any time. While Cuncolim fought hard to get the equaliser, the Curtorim defence left no loop holes for Cuncolim strikers to sneak in.

As such, Cuncolim Union strikers, particularly Daulat Dessai who tried to barge in was well blocked in the nick of time aiming at the goal.

Curtorim keeper Clive Colaso also proved to be a hard nut to crack under the bar as he frustrated all the good moves that were initiated by Cuncolim strikers.

Three minutes from the final hooter, Cuncolim’s attacking medio almost created a flutter when he unleashed a powerful shot from 20 yards that missed the mark narrowly.

A minute before end, Curtorim Gymkhan’s Milagres Fernandes made a dash for a through ball but before he could take a shot, he was deprived of finding the mark by defender Ednie Fernandes who cleared the ball to safety.

Curtorim’s defence stood rock solid marshalled by Melson Fernandes to keep the Cuncolim strikers at bay till the very end of the match.