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Milagres de Chandor releases his new love story ‘Go To Hell’

Tiatr writer-director, Milagres de Chandor has released his new love story drama titled, ‘Go To Hell’ on June 16, 2017. NT BUZZ finds out the message that he conveys through his new hit and its relevance to society


A few years back, people lived in togetherness, where neighbours and friends would come to help at anytime. There would be much thought before going ahead, even if that included a mistake or a blunder. Children and family were a priority back then while taking decisions. But it seems like those times are long gone.

In the world of ‘I, me, myself’ many have forgotten their responsibility towards others and society. Money speaks and being financially rich is becoming the ultimate goal to be achieved. Milagres de Chandor has rightly pointed out the conditions of today’s world in his latest love story.

‘Go To Hell’ is a social and family drama that revolves around a love story of two individuals who belong to different financial backgrounds. Milagres states: “There is a social and family message in the tiatr. The topic is so vast and general that it can be watched by everyone.”

The story revolves around a boy and girl who are deeply in love with each other. The girl is financially poor and works at a shop as a salesgirl. The boy’s father is completely against their love and he doesn’t want his son to get married to a girl who is financially poor. Fed up of his father, the son leaves his home and applies for a job on cruise. He promises his lover to return back soon. He has plans to earn money in order to buy a house of his own.

While, he is on cruise, a married woman gets interested in this young boy. Inspite of having her own family the lady is ready to leave them for a young boy on a cruise. However, the boy isn’t interested in her and continues to work sincerely and focuses on his work. When she gets to know of the boy’s lover she pays a man to rape her. Will the girl tell his lover about the incident? Will he marry her then? Or will the married woman be successful in her plan?

Milagres informs that ‘Go To Hell’ is a based on a real life story. “The story is dramatised but the climax is important and it has happened in real. The most important message in this tiatr is to tell people not to separate lovers. In my story, the boy’s father tries to separate them and is against their relationship. The married woman tries to convince the boy to marry her. Both are interfering in the relation of two lovers in different ways. Many honour killings take place in the name of caste, religion, while there are some parents who do not accept the relation due to financial status and social class, which is wrong.”

“Money speaks and this is another thing that I’ve portrayed in my tiatr. Many illiterate non-Goans work as labourers in Goa and are settled here. For money, some of them rob, rape or even murder the other person. There are also some who come to Goa only to commit such crime and go back once they are successful in making money,” adds Milagres.

Another thing that Milagres has portrayed in this tiatr is how some people go abroad for better prospects, but are faced with problems including heavy losses and debt. “Many people leave India and settle abroad so that their children should get better facilities in terms of education. However, many a times, their children learn bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol,” he says.

Milagres has introduced new singers in this tiatr. “First I took audition and then I selected them as singers in my tiatr. Almost all the singers in my tiatr are new and are performing on tiatr stage for the first time. Most importantly, two of the singers are also part of the cast of the tiatr.”

There are 13 kaantaras and four caants in ‘Go To Hell’ of which except three to four kaantaras, all the rest are written by him. Moreover Milagres is also acting in the tiatr. “I am playing a role of a villain in the first half. But I am in favour of lovers and I support their relationship despite of financial odds,” concludes Milagres.


(The shows of tiatr ‘Go To Hell’ will be held on July 16 at Kala Academy, Panaji at 10.30 a.m.; and on July 16 at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao at 7.30 p.m.)


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