Monday , 22 April 2019
‘Metamorphosis…in pursuit of life’ concludes at KA

‘Metamorphosis…in pursuit of life’ concludes at KA


“People consider prison as a place where a person has to stay for life, he cannot come back, and he is discarded and not recognised by the society. But this was an old concept, now things have changed and efforts are being made to reform the inmates by giving them the opportunity to showcase their talent,” said district and sessions judge (North), Irshad Agha (chairman, Central Jail Visitor’s Board).

He was speaking at the inaugural function of the exhibition of 30 paintings, ‘Metamorphosis…in pursuit of life’, by Rohan Pai Dhungat and artefacts such as candles, carpentry items, handicraft items, knit items, paper bags made by other inmates of Modern Central Jail, Colvale at the Kala Academy’s Art Gallery, which concluded on May 24.

Agha further said that there are number of convicts in the prison each having different talents. “The whole purpose of putting a person in jail is to see that when one comes out of the prison he comes out as a good person. It should be our approach and endeavour to give them ample of opportunities to express their feelings and talent,” he added. Agha also expressed that inmates should be given a chance especially those talented in fields besides art, like writing, making artefacts, etc.

The exhibition was organised by the inspector general of prisons along with superintendent and staff of Central Jail, Colvale. This initiative is to showcase the talent of inmates to the world and allow the society a peep into the lives of the people behind bars.

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