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Meet the Directors – Amshan Kumar and Gajendra Ahire


At the ‘Meet The Director’ of Indian Panorama held on Thursday, director of ‘Manusangada’, Amshan Kumar and director of ‘Pimpal’, Gajendra Ahire spoke about their films and how they went about shooting for their respective films.

Having a keen interest in documentary making Amshan would visit rural areas to know what problems people would face. On one such visit he was stunned to learn that people wanted burial grounds to bury their dead ones instead of a better living. “I was surprised when they said that they wanted proper burial grounds and not educational institutions or better health facilities. Hence I decided to make a film on this social issue,” said Amshan.

Documenting a social issue is not easy as there could be oppositions from certain sections of society: “It is a risky job to shoot a film like ‘Manusangada’. Throughout the shooting process I was afraid of goons breaking into our shooting area and hurting our crew members or breaking our equipments,” said Amshan.

Gajendra shared his experience of being at IFFI since 2004, “I have been a part of IFFI since the time it was held in Goa and so far it has been a learning experience. My film ‘Pimpal’ presents a slice of life and the response I got after the film was screened on Wednesday was amazing,” said Gajendra.

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