Thursday , 21 March 2019
Meet Goa’s young game designer

Meet Goa’s young game designer

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Panaji-based Neelay Kamat, a class 8 student from Mushtifund High School has been programming and making complex games on Scratch for the last two years.  Scratch is a visual programming language for making games and videos.

Right from his early childhood, Neelay was fascinated with computers. After observing his parents working on computers, Neelay first began fiddling around with the Paint program at the age of 3.  Upon learning to read and write, he began using Microsoft Word. “At the age of 5 years he had prepared his first power point presentation on geometric figures by observing his sister doing her school assignments and after that there was no looking back. He would sit for hours on the computer preparing power point presentations by adding animations and sound effects to them,” says his father Shailesh Kamat.

Like most kids, Neelay also enjoyed playing video games on the computer and was always curious to know how these games actually function.  It was in class V that he found a mentor in his science teacher Siddharaj Mopkar with whom he shared a good bond. “Mopkar noticed his liking towards computers and programming of games and informed us that he should be exposed to computer languages to nurture his liking of developing video games,” says Shailesh.  Following this, Neelay joined Vidyavriksh Seekers Space where Mopkar and the rest of the faculty introduced him to Scratch and Neelay was immediately hooked.  He began following tutorials on YouTube and tried out new things on his own. Although he wasn’t always successful, the learning process continued.  Neelay first began by redesigning already existing games like Pacman and Mario before moving on to designing his own like-M4, Robot fight, Car Racing etc. Till date he has designed more than 50 games and is being mentored by Raj Kunkolienkar, Mopkar and Ryan D’Costa at Seeker Space

Apart from programming in Scratch and Python, Neelay also enjoys robotics and drawing cartoons inspired by Mario Miranda in his free time.

Neelay also hopes to learn video game software, designing, animations, graphics, computer languages, etc.

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