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Mauvin for modernisation of ADT offices

Vasco: Stating that there is a lot of scope for improvement in transport department, the Minister for Transport Mauvin Godinho on Friday stressed on digitisation and modernisation of all the offices of the assistant director of transport, thereby giving better services to the people.

Godinho was speaking at the inaugural ceremony of Citizens Service Centre of ADT-Vasco in the presence of Vasco MLA Carlos Almeida, Mormugao Municipal Council Chairperson Nandadeep Raut, director of transport Rajan Satardekar, parish priest of St Andrew’s church Fr Gabriel Coutinho and other officials of the directorate of transport.

The newly-inaugurated Citizens Service Centre will provide services of issuing licences at the initial stage, but later also handle registration of vehicles, issuing of permits and other day-to-day office work.

On the issue of digital meters for taxis, Godinho said that there are certain issues in that regard. “While we want meters to be installed in taxis, we do not want to create any unnecessary trouble as far as taxis are concerned,” he said.

Regarding the GoaMiles issue, he said that people in Goa are happy to avail GoaMiles taxi service. “The taxi operators fear that their business will vanish, but the government is trying to resolve their problems and not to create any trouble for them,” he said.

He further informed that a special drive will be initiated in the state against drunk driving as there are rising cases of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Speaking to media on the sidelines of inaugural function of the Citizens Service Centre at Baina, Godinho said that “there are people driving under the influence of alcohol, resulting in accidents. Hence, strict action against drunken driving will certainly help reduce accidents and deaths.

About KTC buses, Godinho said that KTC buses are rendering a yeoman service to the people, but they are running in losses. “Our endeavour will be in future to get buses operating on other fuels which are non-polluting and even on electric mode. Once we have these kinds of vehicles, the cost of operation will reduce and we will have better quality transport,” he said. 

He urged Mormugao Port Trust and other petroleum installations to have their own parking lots (transport hub) for heavy vehicles, equipped with necessary facilities.

Vasco MLA Almeida, speaking on the occasion, requested Godinho to expedite the work of KTC bus stand, make ADT office at Baina fully operational and arrange more buses on Baina-Vasco route.

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