Sunday , 16 June 2019
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Marriage with Indians is a ploy for Nigerian drug peddlers




While Nigerians number the highest among the foreigners  to have been arrested by the Goa police in drugs cases, the police probe in such cases has also revealed that some of them have married Indian women probably with an ulterior motive.

Over 57 per cent of the accused arrested among foreigners  in drugs cases in Goa are Nigerians.

According to the police, in the last five  years 115 foreigners were  arrested, out of whom 66 were  Nigerian nationals, 11 were  from Nepal, seven  Russian, six  were Israel and remaining were  from other countries such as France, British, Germany, Italy, South Korea, South Africa, Costa Rica etc.

The police feel that some Nigerians involved in crime marry local or Indian nationals, which enable them to stay for a longer period in the country.

“There are some Nigerians who have either married locals or women from other parts of India. There appears to be ulterior motives behind their marriages. We suspect that they enter into wedlock so as to continue to live in the country for longer periods. If a foreigner marries an Indian he or she automatically can get a visa for longer period,”  superintendent of police ANC, Umesh Gaonkar said.

“We know that some of the Nigerians who claim to have married to locals or Indians and are either involved in drugs cases or other offences. But unless each and every case is examined we cannot pinpoint their involvement in criminal activities,” he maintained.

Commenting on the crackdown on drug menace in the state, Gaonkar said the police in the last seven  months arrested 182 persons in 164 drugs

cases out of whom 154 were Indians  while 28 were foreigners.

“Now what we have witnessed in Goa is that there is more of substance abuse (drugs such as ganja, charas), and there has been  a shift from hard drugs (such as LSD, ecstasy, MDMA etc),” he said.

He also said that hard drug consumption is more prevalent at late night music parties.

“We have cracked down on late night music parties held in open places. Despite the fact that there is prohibition some people hold such parties clandestinely. We have managed to put the heat on drug peddlers and well as consumers,” he said.

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