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Margao residents met MMC chief officer over neglected Lohia Maidan

Margao residents petition MMC over neglect of Lohia Maidan




Claiming that the historic Lohia Maidan in Margao has turned into a gambling and prostitution den with beggars and alcoholics frequenting it, some agitated people from Margao including freedom fighters submitted a memorandum to the chief officer of Margao Municipal Council (MMC) to immediately put things in order or else they would agitate.

“We have complained in the past, but no action was taken. It is sad to see that the MMC has failed to properly maintain the Lohia Maidan,” said Gurunath Kelekar. The aggrieved residents alleged that the Lohia Maidan Chowk gates are kept open allowing miscreants to easily enter. They pointed out that there is no security guard posted by the MMC even though it was demanded by the citizens of Margao.

MMC chief officer Johnson Fernandes heard the agitators and assured to take action. He said, “Lohia Maidan will be guarded 24X7 by a security guard.”

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