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Mapusa witnesses water-logging

Mapusa : Despite the Mapusa Municipality having undertaken ‘desiltation drive’, water-logging was still witnessed at various places in the town and the surrounding areas.

Tree-collapsing incidents that were reported at various places kept the fire personnel on their


On Thursday, rainfall was witnessed at regular intervals in the town, and that kept the municipal workers busy as they had to clear the drains of blockages, at various places, caused mainly due to the accumulation of plastic bottles and cans.

Water-logging was witnessed in the Mapusa market at areas near Café Corner and Shakuntala statue, besides others.

Water-logging was witnessed during the evening hours – rainwater could not drain away into the River Tar due to the high tide.

Besides the market area, other affected areas include Upskar Junction, Khorlim, and Keniwaddo where rainwater  entered some houses.

Water-logging was also witnessed on the main road in the absence of proper drains.

Incidents of falling of branches and trees were reported at various places in the town and surrounding areas.

A major incident was reported at the Dangui Colony where a gulmohar tree fell on the road; the overhead electricity wires also got snapped; in another incident reported at Corjuem, a mango tree collapsed on the overhead electricity wires.

A pipal tree fell on a house, and as it came down it snapped the overhead electricity wires at Oxel-Siolim, a jackfruit tree fell on a house near Sataporia chapel at Moira and another jackfruit tree got uprooted at Camurlim.

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