Monday , 20 May 2019

Mapusa fish vendors to meet CO today




The Mapusa fish vendors association will take a delegation to meet the MMC chief officer on Friday to raise their grievance following municipality action against fish vendors sitting on the floor and doing business at the fish market.

On Thursday morning a quarrel broke out when the municipal staff under the supervision of municipal inspector Sonali Gadekar advised fish vendors not to sit on the floor and block the passage.

Municipal inspector Sonali Gadekar said that the orders were from the chief officer to make way for customers to walk in the fish market.

She said that the fish vendors got into arguments and also threw fish on the municipal

However the fish vendors claim that they are being harassed by municipal inspectors and have suffered a loss as the fish was thrown and scattered on the floor by municipal staff.

The president of Mapusa fish vendors association Shashikala Govekar said, “The fish market was built by spending Rs 9 crore but it can only accommodate 250 vendors, currently we are around 350- 400 vendors so there is a space constraint, hence vendors sit on the platform and on the floor”.