Thursday , 18 April 2019
Mapusa civic body turns black spots into ‘beautiful’ spots
A garbage dumping spot which has been converted into a garden by MMC in ward no 5 near Indira garden

Mapusa civic body turns black spots into ‘beautiful’ spots

MAPUSA: In a bid to prevent dumping of garbage, the Mapusa Municipal Council has converted around ten black spots into beautiful gardens so that people will stop dumping of garbage.

Despite collecting garbage – wet and dry in its jurisdiction, the council is facing criticism over garbage collection, especially in the border areas where heaps of garbage are seen lying along the roadsides.

The garbage, which gives the town an ugly look, is supposed to be dumped by locals from the neighboring areas.

MMC on various occasions had made attempts to crackdown on garbage dumping but did not succeed.

A quick disposal team was also formed to clear the garbage but it did not make any difference.

Now, MMC has taken the initiative of beautifying these black spots where garbage is being brought and dumped by people.

A team of MMC staff under the supervision of junior engineer Sangita Satardekar were entrusted with the task of undertaking the beautification work by turning the black spots into a mini garden area. These mini gardens are made up of flower vases, grass turf, installation of benches with a board not to dump garbage.

The ten spots which are beautified are in ward no 3 near government primary school Xelpem; ward no 4 near Colvale road, ward no 5 near Indira garden and near zonal agricultural office, ward no 10 behind Maruti temple, ward no 12 near PWD water tank Ekta nagar, ward no 16 near Ghateshwar temple, Khorlim, ward no 18 near Canka bandh road and near Remy photo studio.

The move taken by the MMC is receiving a lot of appreciation which is giving a greener look to the garbage dumping spots.

Chief officer Clen Madeira said, “We have identified a lot of black spots around the town especially along the highway at Karaswada, near Ghateshwar Nagar where people come and dump garbage on the roadside despite regular cleaning”.

“We have done many things like putting posters banners, creating awareness, still nothing was happening, so my technical team comprising of the municipal engineer Denis, JE Sangita and others thought of beautifying these black spots” added Madeira.

He further added, “After beautifying around ten spots the incident of garbage dumping has stopped”.

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