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Magsons Mithai Mandir introduces ‘Bournvita Barfi’

PANAJI: Magsons Mithai Mandir, have introduced ‘Bournvita Barfi’. Those interested have to place an advance order. The boxes are specially designed for gifting with pure chocolate and in mithai flavors too. Magsons Mithai Mandir, churns out wide varieties of farsans such as dhokla, fafda, pure ghee and kesar jalebis, and specially for sugar intolerant people – ’natural sugar sweets” (based on its natural sweetness with no addition) in few different varieties. The milk used is procured from Kolhapur, the dry fruits are sourced from Mumbai Mandi and pure ghee from Amul of Anand Gujarat. Varieties and flavours range from rose petal barfi, peach apricot barfi, blueberry barfi, saffron peda, malai, mava, chocolate, cashew. NT


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