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Madness guaranteed

On Friendship Day, NT BUZZ got a few people to confess about some of the craziest things that they have done with their friends

Christine Machado | NT BUZZ

They are the ones who choose to be with you even though you’re a little messed up, who are ever ready to bail you out of any trouble that you manage to get yourself in, who know just how to cheer you up. They’re also the ones with whom you’ve done some pretty crazy stuff together (often the face-palm kind), that even years later can have you laughing for hours. And what’s more, if you could, you would do it all over again, with a whole load of more completely random additions to make it all the more hilarious.

Trek gone wrong

Film maker Brijesh Kakodkar though may not be really up for an exact repeat performance. “We had decided to go to Dudhsagar but missed the train because a friend delayed us. Turns out he didn’t have proper clothes to wear because these had been washed and hadn’t dried because of heavy rains. So he got stuck drying them using an iron!” he narrates.

Still determined to get to Dudhsagar anyway, the group decided to walk a whole distance of 4-5 hours. It was only after they reached there that it dawned on them that there was no way to get back unless they walked back. “And this was impossible because it was late evening,” he explains. The only option then was to take a train to Londa first. “Of course we didn’t have tickets so we stood on the side of the train engine literally holding on to the railing,” he says laughing. “When we reached Londa, the railways police came running towards us with sticks but we somehow managed to escape!”

Showers of blessings

Adrian Sequeira, a musician also had a pretty interesting time travelling. “My friends and I were once invited for a birthday party at Mi Casa and decided to take the Kadamba bus. As we didn’t know where exactly Siridao was or the restaurant either, we spoke to the conductor and a fellow passenger and trusted them to direct us to our stop. The next thing we see is a restaurant with Mi Casa written on it and the bus has just zoomed right passed it!” he recalls. Upon talking to the conductor, they were informed that the bus would stop next only at GMC hospital in Bambolim.

“We didn’t have phones at that time, nor any extra cash. So we decided to walk all the way from GMC to the restaurant in Siridao. To top it off it started raining!” he says. They arrived at the place dripping wet and headed straight to the washroom. “We spent the next few minutes trying to dry ourselves with tissue but of course that didn’t really help so we gave up and just entered the hall all wet. I’m pretty sure we started singing ‘Showers of Blessings’ at some point too,” he adds.

Will travel for food

Aldrina Cabral and her friends though decided to take a road trip just to have a happy belly. “Before the Porvorim Mall came up we once decided to travel all the way to Kolhapur just to have McDonalds’,” she recalls. But her travelling exploits don’t end there. “We once travelled a distance of more than 450 kilometres in one day just to visit the Kopeshwar Temple at Khidrapur and get a few pictures. As it turned out we were told that photography was prohibited there! Of course we still managed to get a few pictures anyway,” she says.

Cabral an HR professional, who is also a keen photography enthusiast also decided to take a trip around Fontainhas with a couple of friends one fine day. “We found this tiny homestay and one of my friends came up with the idea of pretending to be guests there. In fact we managed to fool the housekeeper pretty well before we sneakily walked out of there,” she laughs.

Queen of dares

Game of pretense aside, it’s probably best if you don’t challenge Jolynn Carneiro to a game of dares if you don’t want to lose, as one of her friends found out. “When it comes to dares, I’m always game,” she says cheekily. “I once asked a mate to eat a whole Kashmiri chili or two. Being pretty competitive he decided to get back at me and dared me to snort pepper. I remember having a cold that day that vanished after the pepper dare so it was win again for me!”

Also, Carneiro is pretty good with gymnastics as she herself learned on one occasion. “I was surprising a friend for his birthday with a cake at the stroke of 12 and was running because I was late. Of course I tripped and bruised my knees but I made sure that I was holding the cake erect the whole time as if I was holding Simba at Pride Rock!” she chortles.

The winds of time

Some of the best memories though also tend to happen in school as Ashwin Verma, an engineer recalls. “We once decided to bunk class and climb atop a derelict wind turbine located in our campus. It’s out of bounds for students but we did it anyway pretty successfully,” he says. The best part though, was he was later a faculty at the same college for a while!

All for the ladies

Eby John had a tough experience with his teacher. “My friend and I decided to scale a full size staircase from top to bottom with a single jump just to impress the girls. Word spread as we did it again and again and yes many girls came around and cheered!” he recalls. But then things went downhill. “Our class teacher found out and of course she decided to punish us. Her subject was Maths. So as punishment she asked us to find out the length, breadth, surface area etc of each stair using nothing but a small 15-centimetre plastic scale! We did try to do it but hallway through it we realized it’s going to be a Herculean task. We ended up giving her a rough figure with a calculated guesstimate,” he says.


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