Sunday , 18 February 2018
‘LVC Comedy and Music Cafe’ for comedians and comedy lovers

‘LVC Comedy and Music Cafe’ for comedians and comedy lovers

Goa’s first dedicated comedy performance space titled ‘LVC Comedy and Music Cafe’ for stand-up comedians and musicians will be inaugurated on January 21 at the Lounge Terminal (Caculo Mall), Panaji, with a performance by stand-up comedian Aakash Gupta. NT BUZZ speaks to the founder of LVC Warren Viegas to know more about the comedy room


In last few years stand-up comedy in Goa is gaining huge popularity. This is due to the efforts of various comedy clubs and stand-up comedians working to improve stand-up comedy in the state. Understanding the need to have a designated space for stand-up comedians to showcase their creative skills, stand-up comedian and founder of LVC’s Comedy Club Warren Viegas’s dream of a comedy room is now becoming a reality. Known as ‘LVC Comedy and Music Cafe’ it will churn out laughter and groom comedy talent from January 21.

The idea of having a designated performance space cropped up when Warren realised that there were several good stand-up comedians in the state, but there was no fixed place where they could showcase their work to audiences. Working on the same thought, he developed the comedy room. “In Goa if you see there are various places designated for various art forms like Kala Academy, Ravindra Bhavans where people can showcase their talent of dance, music and drama. Also, in Bombay there are several comedy and poetry rooms. But in Goa that was missing. There wasn’t a fixed room for stand-up comedians. To make a space available for comedians and comedy lovers to enjoy themselves I thought of starting this comedy room,” says Warren.

The idea was not just to provide a platform to the local comedians but also to create a space where visitors could come and enjoy performances by stand-up comedians with some music, drinks and snacks. The room is under-progress and once completed it will easily accommodate around 70 to 80 people which can be extended to about 200 for ticketed shows.

If all goes well as per plan, the room will have a ‘weekly open mics’ every Monday, and on Thursday there will be ‘music open mic’ where the local musicians will get a chance to perform. Also, on Sundays there will be ticketed stand-up comedy shows where stand-up comedians from other states will also perform.

Commenting about the stand-up comedy scene in Goa and the increasing number of shows, Warren says: “We had around 18 shows in Goa and we realised that there were more than 15 to 20 stand-up comedians who were good but not getting the required exposure. So, that’s how the room will serve the purpose.”

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