Monday , 25 June 2018

Loyola Ex-Students Association announces new committee

Loyola Ex-Students Association (LESA) celebrated the feast of St Ignatius of Loyola on August 6. The celebrations started with the mass followed by various dignitaries addressing the audience.

The new LESA executive committee was announced for the two-year term 2017-2019 with the Immediate Past President (IPP), Joaquim Da Costa, handing over the reins to Elric Pereira.

The committee comprises of vice president, Denzil Colaco; secretary,  Trevor Coutinho; assistant secretary, Savio Fernandes; treasurer, Rohit Ferrao, and committee members, Brennan Tavares, Chetan Colaco, and Rojerio Jaques.

The Immediate Past Committee has been very actively contributing towards the well-being of the school in many ways. Over the last two years they have installed LCD projectors in 24 classrooms and have undertaken eco-friendly works like rainwater harvesting to meet at least part of the water requirement of the school. During the last two years LESA also hosted the JAAI West Zone Congress 2016 at the Pedro Arrupe Institute in Raia which was attended by the Jesuit Alumni from Gujarat, Mumbai, Belgaum and Pune besides Goa.

The incoming president, Elric Pereira, while taking charge, expressed his vision for the next two years. He plans to focus on student-centric programmes with an objective of improving their competitive level. Another step Elric would like to take is to initiate a solar energy tapping system to meet the power requirements of the school.

All the attendees thereafter celebrated with a session of music, dancing, and games.

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