Friday , 24 May 2019
Love in the age of millennials

Love in the age of millennials

‘A Lot Like Love’, a debut collection of poetry by Sonia Sabnis examines the various stages of toxic love, finds NT BUZZ


Over the last two years, Sonia Sabnis has been slowly creating a niche for herself in the world of insta-poetry. And now the Porvorim-based youngster is all set to release her first poetry book ‘A Lot Like Love’ on March 15.

“The book is a collection of mostly new poems, both long and short. About 20 odd works are those that I have previously published on my Instagram page,” says Sabnis. In fact it was the good response that these previously posted works and the theme they centred on, that gave her the idea of this book.

“A lot of youngsters of my age tend to get into emotionally exhaustive and toxic relationships. And this is what the book focuses on,” says Sabnis. The 166-page book is divided into four chapters. “The first chapter is all about falling in love. After all everyone begins at the same point without knowing what you are getting into. The second chapter focuses on when you begin to notice that the relationship is toxic. That you are seemingly stuck and can’t get out,” explains Sabnis. The third chapter is divided into two parts. “The first part is about how to leave the relationship. However, a lot of times even when you have left, you are still in it to an extent. There is still the moving back and forth. The second part looks at letting go completely,” says Sabnis. The fourth chapter is again divided into two parts – self love, and the kind of love that you should strive for.

“I always wanted a book with my name on it. And, although I post my work on Instagram, a select number of people like to have a hard copy of a book in hand,” says Sabnis. Also, after posting her work on Instagram for two years, people had been asking her on and off to write a book of her own. And so Sabnis went for it.

But regularly posting work on Instagram is no easy task, relents Sabnis. “I set deadlines everyday and try to post two-three works daily. Of course there are times when I don’t have the time for this but I make sure I make up for it,” she says.

The going will be difficult in the beginning though, says Sabnis, about running her own Instagram page.

“It is easy to start comparing yourself to other poets and the better traffic that they get for their posts. However, it is important to remember that we all had the same starting point. They may just have started earlier than you,” says Sabnis and adds, “ I believe that even if one person likes or comments on my post, my work is done as I have managed to connect with someone through my work.”

Of course negative feedback can get you down, but one just needs to weigh the good against the negative and push forward, she says.

The book will be released online through Cinnamon Teal’s self publishing initiative. Within two to three weeks it will be available on other online sites.

Sabnis, who is in her final year of Bachelor of Arts at Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts and Science, also hopes to have a formal book launch once people have purchased a copy of the book.