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Loutolim locals oppose proposed jetty project



Holding placards and shouting slogans hundreds of villagers from Loutolim unanimously  resolved to oppose the jetty proposed by the inland waterways through the Captain of Ports  at Rassaim, claiming that the said proposal will further the ideas of transporting coal through the jetty thereby polluting the village areas.  A resolution was taken during the gram sabha held on Sunday.

The villagers resolved to take to the streets and oppose the move if the government of Goa moves ahead with the construction of the jetty in the village. “The government is trying to fool us stating that this jetty is to facilitate passengers,  but we will not fall prey to such moves,’’  said angry villagers. 

There were three written objections filed by Basilio Costa, Christopher Pereira and Ramiro Mascarenhas, which were read and discussed at the gram sabha by sarpanch Filipina Fernandes before taking the final collective decision to oppose the jetty proposal moved under the Sagarmala project of the central government.

The apprehensive locals  claimed that the  governments – centre and state completed the environment  assessment  impact report of the proposed  nine jetties of Goa including Durbhat and Rassaim and that the  government is going  ahead ignoring objections of the locals  filed in 2017 and also in 2018 to this effect.

A collective resolution was also adopted by the villagers to forward all the earlier resolutions to the government, Chief Minister, office of the Captain of Ports and central government departments, through the local MLA for necessary action.  The members of the gram sabha urged private property owners along the river Zuari banks not to give their land for construction of jetties.

The villagers also resolved to allow the installation of mobile towers at the village panchayat owned playground at Monte Hill and not in the Big Foot areas to make available the mobile connectivity

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