Monday , 22 January 2018

Lokostav to make its way to rural parts of Goa


At the inaugural ceremony of Lokostav, Minister for Art and Culture, Govind Gaude assured that in the following years to come Lokostav will be organised in various talukas and rural areas of Goa. This is an initiative to  bring the culture and heritage of that particular taluka into the limelight.

Reaffirming Govind Gaude’s statement, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar who arrived a little late, also said that Lokostav needs to be taken to various parts of Goa instead of holding it only in one location.

Speaking about Goa’s history and culture, Gaude said that the state is blessed with rich cultural history as many empires like Mauryan, Chalukyas, Kadamba, Vijayanagara, Chandragupta and Portuguese have influenced Goan heritage.

“The festival started in 1999 with around 50 to 100 folk artistes but over the years the number has drastically increased,” he said. This year at the festival 500 to 700 artistes will be part of the festival to showcase their folk arts informed Gaude who added that they wish to improve the festival in coming years by making it better and bigger.

Secretary of Art and Culture, Daulat Hawaldar also said that art has evolved over the years and through such festival they wish to preserve the dying art of various places. “Lokostav is one of the most dramatic art forms and today it is working to connect people and art from across different parts of the country,” added Hawaldar.

The inaugural ceremony started with a performance by rath dancers from Marcel. It was the first time that they performed at a festival. They normally perform in the temple premises with their rath. It was followed by performance by Rajasthani artistes and the lighting of the traditional ‘Mayla’ lamp made of mud.


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