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Farmer Ghanashyam Mangeshkar watering his vegetable crop at Pale, Siridao. As there is no rain, the field has gone dry and the farmer is facing a difficult time. Nandesh Kambli | NT

Local vegetable growers fear loss due to rain deficiency

By Bhiva P Parab | NT

PANAJI: Deficient rain in the month of June has taken a toll on farmers growing local vegetables in the rainy season.

“Shortage of rains has affected local vegetables like ‘bhendi’ and ‘ghosali’ grown by farmers and some plants have begun dying due to shortage of water. If the dry spell continues, the situation will worsen as more crops will get destroyed,” said Narayan Kalangutkar, a farmer who has cultivated local vegetables.

“Due to shortage of water, we have to use pump water to irrigate vegetables we have planted, otherwise they will wilt and the hard work we have put in will go a waste. When it had rained at the start of the month of June, we had cultivated local vegetables. However the rains have stopped completely for the last several days and our fields have turned dry,” he said and added, “Generally every year these days there is plenty of rain, however the deficient rain this year has disrupted everything and if there is no rain in next few days, it will affect entire vegetable crop,” said a farmer.

Another farmer Sainath said, “We have reduced the land under cultivation of local vegetables this year due to the shortage of rains. It is impossible to water the plants manually everyday particularly if the fields are far away.”

Yet another farmer said, “There could be shortage of local vegetables in the market in the days to come if the dry spell continues as without rains it is not possible to grow vegetables. I hope rain will come at least in next few days.”

Agricultural department sources said that the farmers do not have to worry right now and as of now there is enough water in the low-lying areas in the state and once the rains come all the areas will get water.

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