Thursday , 25 April 2019
Lobo slams govt for failing  to provide jobs to youth
Calangute MLA Michael Lobo displaying a letter to be sent to Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, in Calangute on Friday

Lobo slams govt for failing to provide jobs to youth




Stating that Goa is sitting on unemployment time bomb, Deputy Speaker and Calangute MLA Michael Lobo on Friday lambasted his own BJP-led coalition government for not doing enough to make government jobs available to the youth.

In his letter to Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, who is presently being treated at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences for his pancreatic ailment, BJP leader Lobo has requested the Chief Minister to fill up the 3,000 vacant posts, which have remained blocked for the last two years, in various government departments.

Slamming his own government, Lobo said that the Chief Minister has failed to keep his promise

made to the people of Goa on the employment front.

Speaking to the media in his office in Calangute, Lobo said that the one question asked by people in all the 40 MLAs’ offices is when the government will release the vacancies, which are yet to be filled. “Today, the youth in the state are frustrated due to unemployment and our government has failed on this front,” he said.

The MLA said that the Chief Minister had made an announcement in his budgetary speech in the legislative assembly this year that the government would create jobs in the private and government sectors but nothing has been done.              He said that the lack of job creation was been forcing the local youngsters to leave the state and resort to Portuguese passport.

Slamming the government for its failure on all the fronts, Lobo said that all works are at a standstill and the administration has collapsed. With the present state of affairs, he said that the state seems to be heading for mid-term polls.

He criticised the government for failing to restart mining in the state even with the BJP-led government at the Centre. Claiming that the situation in the mining belt is bad with people being unemployed, Lobo said that the government is only fooling the people with promises that mining will restart.

“The middlemen are the worst hit. Today fishermen, bakers, even taxi operators and motorcycle pilots in the street are talking that the government administration has failed. People need to make the change,” he said.

He said that the tourism season has commenced in the state and every year, a meeting was held with various departments like the police, excise department, tourism department and other departments related to the tourism sector. “Even the IRB police were called for the meeting, but this year there has been no such meeting,” he said. He also said that the yearly meeting of the Chief Minister with the coastal MLAs has not been held.

When questioned if he was speaking out of frustration, as he was not given a ministerial berth, Lobo said it was not the case. He said that the people are angry and frustrated and questioned what the present ministers have done for the people of Goa. He said apart from bridge and highway works, nothing has been done for the last one and half year.

“Every time we go to the Chief Minister, only assurances are given that work will be done but nothing is moving. We are people’s representatives, they have got us elected. Their work needs to be done. The promises made need to be fulfilled; if not, people will replace us,” he said.


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