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Bollywood superstar Salman Khan was down in Goa to launch Bigg Boss season 12. In conversation with NT BUZZ Khan gave an insight into his life, spoke about the upcoming reality show and why he prefers staying at quiet locations in Goa


Vichitra Jodi at Bigg Boss

Salman was down to launch the new season of Bigg Boss; speaking about the completely different format from the previous seasons, he says: “I am so excited to watch this season. Every season is different and has a completely different format. The reason we are able to reach the mark of 12 seasons is basically because it has content that can attract advertisers, sponsors and the audience. This season will feature odd couples or duos.”

Giving his take on the show, Khan says this is a unique format that brings out people and personalities. “In the house you have many people and they have different personalities. Some are real while some are trying to be someone else just to entertain the audience. Therefore, they show a personality which is either their own or to entertain the audience. The format is basically like peeping in someone else’s house.”

When asked about an odd team or couple he has come across in life, he spoke about two friends, “In life I have come across many people and there are two people who often end up surprising me. They are two friends who have been competing against each other all their life and yet continue to remain friends. This is one of the vichitra jodis according to me,” adds Khan.

Many a times Khan is seen angry and furious on the show owing to the behaviour of the participants in the house; when asked how he manages to control his temper on the set he says: “Before the show I have the DVD’s at my home where I view what all happened in the house and if I don’t get a clear picture I contact the team and discuss with them as to why such a thing has happened. But mostly it is for a setback for the participants. I can avoid and control my behaviour but I only try to correct them when it’s need.”

He also mentions about an instance where in the behaviour of Priyanka Jagga was beyond expectation and without even consulting the team and the organisers he asked her to leave the show as he thought that it was not suitable for the audience to watch.

No TV for nephew

Khan’s nephew Ahil is gaining a lot of likes and comments on social media and has a lot of followers on social networking sites. However, Khan feels that it is too early for him to make an appearance on television. “I don’t think you will get to see Ahil so soon. No TV appearance for him,” says Khan.

Digital platforms need to be censored

A lot of celebrities and actors are making their debut on online digital platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, YouTube and other channels. Khan is of the opinion that these shows that are aired on online platforms need to be censored and certified. “There is a lot of uncensored content that is going up online and lot of youngsters are watching these shows and series. Anything is allowed there. What they cannot watch on television they are watching online on their phones. There is a need to scrutinise the content,” he says.

A big fan of Goa

Like most filmstars who love to come to Goa for shoots, holidays or to host special occasions, Khan too is a big fan of Goa and has been visiting the place regularly. Though he loves the place and continues coming down, he prefers staying at locations that are less crowded. “I came to Goa when I was shooting for Jai Ho, after that we had several New Year celebrations here but over a period of time, I have begun to prefer places that are quiet, where there is no disturbance and I get privacy; places where nobody is around,” says Khan.

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