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Little Scrawny Dweeb creates a book

‘Silently judging you while you’re silently judging me’ is the first comic e-book by Nadia Azavedo aka Little Scrawny Dweeb. NT KURIOCITY finds out more


The best of ideas can strike you at anytime. In Nadia Azavedo’s case it was in those late hours of the night when sleep eluded her that her best illustration ideas began to take shape. A freelance illustrator by profession, the Carazalem-based artist, an alumnus of Goa College of Arts, Altinho first began publishing her comics online in August 2016. “I remember those nervous feelings like it was just yesterday,” she says smiling. “I had come across some comic pages on Facebook and I really loved Sarah Andersons’ comics the most. I thought I’d do it just to see how long I could do it for,” she says.

Her web series on comics called Little Scrawny Dweeb is available to read on Webtoon and Instagram. “I think comics are a great way to get people into the reading habit and you can highlight important issues combined with fun visuals too,” she states.

And doing a comic book was something she knew she would do along the way.

“Last year. I was actually going to make a book with the ‘best of’ comics but I decided against it since people could just read them anyway on Instagram. But I did have 10 stories drawn out in the first draft. Then few months ago I added some more stories and now I have 28 fresh stories that have never been published before,” she reveals. These have formed part of her recently released ebook ‘Silently judging you while you’re silently judging me.’

“Normally I post singular comics at a time but for this book I decided to do mini-stories I did some silly ones, few with dark humour and also some short stories are things I’ve learnt as I’ve grown into an adult,” she says, adding that the title was a play on the line ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. “It’s like the cover is breaking the fourth wall. The reader is judging the book by its cover and my character is cynically judging them back,” she explains.

Setting up the book and learning the process was a bit challenging since she had to do it all on her own, she admits. “I got lots of help from YouTube tutorials; otherwise I worked on the stories at my own pace. My main aim was to push my ideation and stretch my imagination a little further. After finishing the book I got enough ideas for book 2 so maybe you’ll see another release either in 2019 or 2020,” she reveals. As for hard copies of the books, Azavedo says that people will have to wait a bit. “I did approach self publishers but the quotation almost made me cry. For now I hope the ebooks suffice,” she says.

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