Tuesday , 21 May 2019

Link Aadhaar with voter ID to prevent bogus voting: Dramapur villagers

MARGAO: Dramapur gram sabha on Sunday unanimously passed a resolution to write to the Election Commission of India to link voter identity card with Aadhaar to prevent bogus voting.

The gram sabha in a voice vote passed a resolution moved by former deputy sarpanch Dominic Noronha to write to the Election Commission of India to link the voter ID with Aadhaar saying that if the government can link all welfare schemes and other day-to-day services to Aadhaar, the government should also link the voter ID card to Aadhaar as it will address bogus voting issue and eliminate voting in two places.

It was pointed out that the panchayat should also write to the state election commission in this regard as it is noticed that a lot of migrants participate in elections in Goa and also in elections in other states as it is evident with mass exodus of migrants during elections in other states.

The government also came in for sharp criticism over coal handling operations at MPT, happening despite objections from people across the state.

Sarpanch Sanjana Chari placed before the gram sabha a reply by union ministry for shipping that there is no coal hub in Goa but a lease has been signed with South West Ports Ltd and Adani group for transportation of imported coal to power and steel factories.

The villagers pointed out that the BJP government cares too little about the sentiments of the people and despite objection coal continues to be transported through Goa with number of lung cancer cases increasing.

The gram sabha also witnessed heated arguments over issues of illegal houses and tenant verification and unanimously passed a resolution calling for a joint inspection ward-wise to ascertain migrants living in rented


The decision was arrived at after the villagers were informed that just three owners had come forward to register their tenants with the panchayat despite a 15-day time limit being given to the people for tenant verification with the police and panchayat. The gram sabha also resolved over illegal constructions, seeking a survey with assistance from the BDO and police.

The villagers also discussed the contentious issue of use of service road for carrying out an illegal construction in no development zone as a section of villagers had opposed suggestion of erecting a gate at the service road to prevent its misuse. The villagers later decided on having a joint meeting with those villagers who had written to the panchayat and address the issue.

The electricity department also came in for criticism over erratic power supply and poor response from the electricity staff. The villagers passed a resolution that the electricity department should carry out maintenance, repair works in coordination with the panchayat. Earlier, the panchayat felicitated meritorious students from the village.