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Life – expressions of women in art

Life – expressions of women in art

Gynecologist Sophia Rodrigues from Bambolim with three women including an ayurvedic doctor, Shweta Aiya, a teacher, Megha Datta and an entrepreneur Mariella Dias E Rebello will be hosting their first exhibition together on the theme ‘Life’ on June 1 at Kala Academy, Panaji. This art exhibition is about putting your feelings onto art. NT BUZZ finds more


Four women from different walks of life, successful in their domains will be hosting their first exhibition together on June 1 at Kala Academy to bring forth a message that women can carve their own niche at any age, in any professions. The artists are Shweta Aiya, Megha Datta, Mariella Dias E Rebello and Sophia Rodrigues.

The exhibition titled ‘Life’ has been on Sophia’s mind since after she hosted an exhibition last year. Speaking about how she got three women together for the exhibition, Sophia says: “I wanted to motivate myself to host another exhibition to find and explore my inner self. It was like a calling when I found myself in midst of my colleague Shweta and my school friend Mariella and Megha who I got to know through a friend.”

These women came together to decide on a theme and ‘Life’ was chosen because it has a lot to do with the feminine character. Sophia adds: “As a woman, only we have been given the power by God to create and thus we are blessed. In this exhibition, we are giving birth to a new inner self; we are giving ‘Life’ to our long lost passion and hope this would bring a new change to many women in our day-to- day life, so that no matter what you are and wherever you are, you can bring a new change in your life by working towards your passion.”

Sophia believes that women have hidden talents but they suppress themselves due to numerous reasons. She says: “Firstly, women have to juggle their busy life along with their families. On one hand they are trying to get things done for their families and work and on the other hand they are trying to find time and confidence to explore their hidden talents. It’s obvious that they consider the latter more important and fulfilling; however, love for art can never be suppressed – it has to be let free and explored.”

As a group they have grown close to each other owing to their similar preferences. “We are no less than anyone when we believe in each other. I hope they do great in their career as artists after this exhibition,” says Sophia.

How they manage
profession and art

There is no doubt that these women find it difficult to juggle between work and art; but yet they manage it all. Sophia tries to squeeze an hour or less to look at her paintings when she comes home from work. “I need lot of motivation after a hard day’s work but nevertheless, the minute I touch the canvas I am lost for hours. I can succumb to the love of colours and immerse myself leaving the world behind me,” she says.

However, Sophia does hope she could use her entire day just to paint but being a doctor it’s out of the question. She adds: “I do take lot of time to complete one painting. I am very committed to ‘quality’ which has made me what I am today.”

Mariella feels that it is easy following your passion when you are your own boss. Being an entrepreneur has given her the flexibility to juggle between work and art. She normally works on her artworks at night as she believes it’s easier to be creatively free then. However, Megha says that she balances both by getting art into her profession.

More and more people getting into art

Art is viewed differently by everyone. While some view it as a hobby, some view it as a medium to express. There are those who pursue it as a career and thus there are many who are entering the art space. Shweta says that art was looked down upon as a career option till a decade ago but the outlook of the newer generation has changed towards various other off-beat careers. “That’s how more and more people are openly expressing their passion for art and are also pursuing it,” she adds.

Mariella says that every person is a hidden artist within: “It would be only natural that they would indulge their artistic tendencies. However not all have the luxury of time that this creativity calls for,” adding that it is only recently that art has opened up as a full time field rather than just a hobby on the side.

“As time has no boundaries and age is just a number and not a countdown, we should never stop exploring the love of art through brushes and paint. We should never let go of something we love so passionately,” concludes Sophia.

(The exhibition titled ‘Life’ will be open for public viewing till June 3 at the Art Gallery, Kala Academy.)


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