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Maintain Lifts At Ponda  Sub-district Hospital

Recently two staffers at the Sub-District Hospital in Ponda got stuck in one of its lifts for nearly two hours. The problem occurred due to a technical snag. It was rather absurd to note that emergency service of the hospital failed to respond when the panicked staffers (a nurse and a cook) tried to secure help under tragic circumstances. Apparently, the maintenance workers were absent from duty. Due to delay on the part of hospital officials to call fire personnel, the staffers were rescued after quite a long time. It is necessary that regular maintenance work on the lifts is undertaken so that they remain in working condition. On the day of the above incident, it seemed only two lifts (out of total seven) were functional. It is equally important that maintenance workers are deputed 24 hours for dealing with emergencies like that of the above in times of need. Substitute workers must be deployed in cases where the existing workers proceed on leave. It is time for the higher officials at the Sub-District Hospital in Ponda to see to it that lifts at the premises remain in operation for 24 hours so that visitors coming in large numbers are not put to inconvenience at any instance.



Be Alert Always As A Consumer

People often complain about rise in price of commodities and services and rightly so. In the absence of price control, sellers rule the roost. As consumers, people also lose lot of money due to malpractices of traders and shopkeepers. All manufactured products come with MRP or maximum retail price marked on them. Some sellers stick their own price labels over it and some even remove the original packing and pack the product on their own. This is gross cheating. If you think your grocer sells groceries at reasonable rates, think again. Once he wins you over as a regular customer, he starts over-charging. Don’t be a life member of any grocer. If you buy inter-state bus tickets over the counter from private bus operators, check the fare with others. There are no fixed rates here. In peak season, you could be paying a bomb. Lastly, when you take your family or girlfriend out for dinner, don’t be hasty to pay the bill before reading it. An item you have not consumed could have been intentionally billed. Your partying or romancing mood gives them the scope to do it. Therefore, the dictum for consumers is: be alert, observant and never hasty. Malpractices are common and what rules the market today is not maximum retail price but ‘maximum greed price.’




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