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Simultaneous Polls In Larger Interest

Vice President of India while inaugurating the annual CIC-convention on December 6 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi in his speech in his ever-humorous and heart-touching manner touched many points of interest of ordinary people like stressing on use of mother-tongue not only in national but even at international forums citing examples of other countries. His stress for simultaneous elections was also in larger national interest. Likewise his advocacy for timely decision on providing information linking his own swift decision on disqualifying two members from membership of Rajya Sabha was impressive. But the problem is that such nice talks are not practiced in practice. Central and state governments should focus that children at school-stage may restore to ancient practice by not calling mother and father on western lines with now commonly used terms Mummy, Daddy or Papa. Likewise central government should come up with concrete suggestion and legislation in this regard. His advocacy for swift decisions at government level was timely, and central and state governments should follow the same in practice.

Madhu Agrawal, Delhi

Administrative Reforms Needed

A clerk who was serving in Aquem power department for 32 years was transferred following a complaint by the Goa Government Employment Association to the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and Power Minister Pandurang Madkaikar.No one is responsible or punished for favouritism. DIG police Vimal Gupta was transferred out by Parrikar instead of prosecuting him for corruption because it is difficult to prove when both giver and taker benefit. There is no complaint made from either. I fail to understand why a complaint is required to take meaningful action against a law enforcer “not so good activities”, when strong action is taken on someone for merely a comment on Facebook. The politicians and government officials make and implement the rules. There must be a complaint, then permission maybe be sought, RTI rules diluted/ followed tardily and so on. The government works in compartments and there are so many hurdles that it will be difficult to pinpoint the culprit. Where is the promised transparency and accountability? We regularly witness, when a politician/someone leads a mob to break the law or perpetrate violence, we clearly see it on live television, but police register complaint against unknown persons. There is no protection for whistle blowers, and witnesses are silenced or dare not come forward. The government statistics will naturally prove zero coruption? Victims must unjustly suffer. The day administrative and police reforms as suggested by the Supreme Court and after public discussion are accordingly legislated, will be the day justice has a better chance and we can breathe a sigh of relief.

John Eric Gomes, Porvorim


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