Friday , 14 December 2018


Plummeting Gross Happiness Index

HAVE the demonetisation, the badly-implemented GST, GDP figures and state of affairs made the common man happy today? Prices of onions, tomatoes, vegetables, eggs and fruits are skyrocketing. Air pollution is hitting dangerous levels. The unorganised sector has been in the doldrums and farmers are distressed. Petrol prices are rising and job avenues are shrinking.  There has been a push for cashless economy without putting in place adequate infrastructure. Aadhaar number is being linked to everything compulsorily without people’s consent. Are we becoming a hypocritical society with a government-sponsored Hindutva agenda?  Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a good moderniser but a poor reformer. It appears that Modi thinks he is the Prime Minister of the BJP, and he and his whole cabinet are now in election mode. Obnoxious remarks are being exchanged and offence being the best defence, Congress is pointedly accused of dividing the nation! The bureaucracy and the police need drastic reforms. These are our ‘daily-contact’ administrators who have become millstones around our necks! It has been reported that the Parliament will consider adding to The Religious Institutions (Prevention of Misuse) Act 1988 provisions to jail religious leaders seeking votes for a party. Will these provisions be used to jail Christian and Muslim clerics and not apply to the Yogis? Unless this nonsense stops and the badly needed reforms are forthcoming with as much enthusiasm and priority as ‘notebandi’, the threshold of pain is in danger of becoming unbearable for ease of living and therefore gross happiness index of the nation will plummet deeper depths.


Checking Efficacy
Of Medicines

THE central medical approval organisation has enjoined that pharmaceutical companies will have to certify effectiveness of their medicines before putting them up for sale. Many a times, medicines fail to prove its effectiveness, as claimed by the companies that manufacture them. This is detrimental to the patient. In spite of spending so much money and time a patient never knows how long he/she will have to take a medicine for its efficacy. Medicines are purchased in good faith of claims made by a pharmaceutical company. The companies should be true to their customers’ faith.



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