Tuesday , 26 March 2019


No Respite From Intolerance

MOHAMMED Shaqib, a teenager from a village in Uttarakhand, has been arrested by the Harayana police for sharing an “offensive morphed photograph” of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  Bihar BJP chief Nityanand Rai says, “If anyone raises eyebrows at PM Narendra Modi, break his hands, and if need be even chop them off”.   Stoking the Padmavati controversy further, a bounty of Rs 10 crore has been announced for beheading filmmaker Sanjay Bansali or actress Deepika Padukone and Rs 1  crore for chopping off her nose or burning her alive. Two movies S Durga and Nude, which had been cleared by a 13-member jury, were surreptitiously dropped from the Indian Panorama section of the IFFI-2017. How narrow-minded and intolerant can we get? Must the overloaded courts be approached to play nanny to this government and save us? The politicisation of Padmavati, destruction and violence are examples of how government in power promotes vote banks, encouraging vigilantes and fringe elements to take law into their hands. Is this the New India we are striving for?


Innovate On Waste Disposal

IT is said that habits die hard. This is very true when it comes to dumping garbage by the people at a particular spot by the roadside or in open spaces. One sees garbage being dumped at spots, where signboards warning against waste dumping are put up. Even though door-to-door collection of garbage is being carried out by the civic body, people still dump garbage in open spaces. Now the councillors of the Mormugao municipal council have come up with an innovative way to prevent people from dumping garbage in open spaces. They are converting the dark spots into a public area. These spots which were once places for dumping garbage have been cleaned and benches have been put up for the citizens to sit. Besides stopping people from dumping garbage, such a step will also beautify the place which was earlier an eyesore. Such an innovative step should be implemented by councillors of other civic bodies and panchayats in the state. This is probably the only way to effectively stop people from dumping garbage in open spaces.


On ‘Unscientific’ Speed Breakers

IT was shocking to read the admission from a PWD official   that 85 per cent of the speed breakers and rumbler strips in Goa are not as per the required   specifications. He also said that local politicians are at fault since they interfere in the work and ask the PWD to raise the heights of the speed breakers and rumblers. This is a strange statement since most politicians would not have time to look into such mundane affairs of the PWD. Is it not the duty of the supervisors and engineers from the PWD to check the dimensions before releasing the bills? How can they squarely blame the politicians? The prescribed specifications are a height of 5 mm of rumblers and 15 cm for speed breakers. By increasing the heights the contractor would incur a loss and would refrain from carrying out the work. Even if the contractor agrees to increase the heights he would cut some corners.



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