Sunday , 17 February 2019


Banish ‘Khaki Vardee’ Security Culture

AFTER dismantling the ‘lal batti’ culture, Prime Minister Narendra Modi must now turn his attention to the ‘khaki vardee’ security or khaki uniform security culture. The security provided to Robert Vadra’s mother may have come as a shock to the nation but there are hundreds of such Robert Vadras and their families in the country enjoying ‘khaki vardee’ security, with little or no threat perception to their lives! And anyway, even if there is a threat perception why should the state pay for it? There is a threat perception to the life of virtually every journalist but does the state provide security for them?

Free security provided by the state must be drastically downsized for all except constitutional heads. Others may be provided security on a case by case basis and not as a matter of right. Security categories such as X, Y, Z and Z+ must be completely abolished. The security details for these categories range from 5 police personnel to about 40 including NSG commandos. This leads to an unhealthy competition to secure a higher ranked security, only for the sake of status. Instead, the number of security personnel provided to persons from these categories should be decided strictly on the basis of threat perception. The security detail deployed for each such case must be strictly confidential so as to preclude any unhealthy competition.

Robert Castellino, Mumbai

Reaching Out To Young Kashmiris

KASHMIR is our own and will remain so. There are some young people in Kashmir who are unhappy with the Indian state but they should be brought to the mainstream at the earliest by opening a meaningful dialogue with separatists and other stakeholders to chalk out a permanent solution. A clear message should go to the detractors that Kashmir is and will always remain an integral part of India. The young people should not be allowed to play in the hands of jihadists and separatist elements operating in the valley. There should be some meaningful measures to boost tourism in Jammu and Kashmir so that the widespread unemployment is arrested. The discrimination that the young people of Kashmir are facing today while working or studying in other parts of the country is also worrying.

I often wonder whether our government is fighting a lost battle in Kashmir. One cannot expect the Kashmiris to develop a motherland bond with India if they are not accepted socially as part of our country. Branding of every Kashmiri as a terrorist or a traitor must stop. Kashmir is not just a territory which needs to be controlled and ruled. It is a beautiful homeland also called Jaanat.




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