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Tiatrists Must Eschew Slander

THIS is with reference to the letter of J M Miranda ‘Censoring of tiatrs, a costly Misadventure’ (NT, February 20, 2015). I love, admire and even adore tiatrists. Many of them are my best friends. I condemn in strong words the government’s move to censor tiatr which will only backfire. I feel enthused to see all tiatrists united, standing like a rock, rightly asking the government for a written guarantee against the censorship move. But the tiatrists also ought to get their act together. It was not seldom that one group of tiatrists, siding one politician, and, at his behest, has resorted to run down another politician and that too in an unbecoming manner. At the height of Nadia Torrado’s tragic death I went to watch a tiatr scripted by a good friend of mine who is no more. I felt so shocked that I left the hall midway. And Mickky would have every reason to take up the cudgels against the tiatr.  Let me confess that I hold no brief for Mickky or for any politician whomsoever. But it is necessary to refrain from personal attacks below the belt. Having said this I assure tiatrists of all my support and backing in their just cause.


Build A New Market Complex at Aldona

LAUNCHING the road hotmixing work in Mapusa, Aldona MLA Glenn Ticlo deplored the condition of the Aldona market complex. In fact, the Aldona   panchayat has issued notices to traders to vacate the building.  It is believed that the complex is more than 50 years old, and has seen better days. The traders who once had their establishments on the first floor vacated the shops long back. I must say that Ticlo should put his money where his mouth is: he has been the MLA for the past three  years and is  yet to keep his word on a new market complex and a bus stand in the village. Moreover, he is yet to   keep his promise of installing traffic indicators at Mapusa-Tar-Bastora junction, which is an accident prone zone. Ticlo should wake up and smell the coffee!


On Traffic Woes in Goa

THE traffic woes and the way they are handled by the state government have forced me to recall the measures that were taken by the authorities in Dubai in 1986. The then traffic in-charge of Dubai was sent to the UK to study how the vehicular traffic was managed and regulated in that country.  After coming back from the study tour, he arranged special training sessions for staff with video presentations. Road safety week was declared in Dubai. Traffic cops were deployed on all roads of the city. All the traffic measures adopted by the authorities got good publicity in the media. An errant motorist was stopped and instructed on traffic rules. The errant motorist was provided with a greeting card, but was not fined. Interestingly, all speed breakers on the roads were removed. In Goa, how many motorists   know that  40 kmph is  the speed limit for panchayat and municipal areas?  This speed limit is applicable to all the vehicles.  Most motorists in the state throw traffic norms to the wind:   they don’t give any signal while turning left or right.   Motorists in Goa must be educated on traffic norms so as to avoid fatalities on roads.



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