Wednesday , 25 April 2018


On PM Playing To the Gallery
PRIME Minister Narendra Modi has mastered the art of playing to the gallery and appealing to the poor, who have been waiting for a Messiah. These people, who constitute more than half the population, are very gullible. That is not all. Modi is such a good orator that even his staunchest opponents, be they poor or rich, cannot help but cheer vociferously at his rallies. Such are his oratorical skills that people are willing to stand patiently in long queues at ATMs and bank counters to withdraw cash after the central government’s demonetisation exercise, believing that ‘salvation’ is near. Assuming that ex-prime minister Manmohan Singh had imposed the same demonetisation five years ago, would these people be willing to stand in long queues? So, are we blindly following the Pied Piper?

Clearing Pending Court Cases
IN India, we have lakhs of cases pending in our courts (especially the lower courts) for one reason or the other. The most common reasons for the pendency are absence of petitioner, witness, litigants, accused, defence lawyer, prosecutor and even the judge. Although dates of the cases are informed in advance, yet on the given date, one of the above-listed parties remains absent. Citing this as a reason, the date of hearing is then usually postponed by the court. If the absence of a person or a party is known in advance, then an SMS or email could be sent by the concerned party to the office of the court bailiff. The bailiff, in turn, can inform the people concerned with the case. A new date can then be allotted by the court and informed to everyone. Messaging would thus help avoid wastage of time in travelling to the court, waiting for the person/s to appear and reduce the palpable tension of others. The judge should warn the parties not to remain absent for more than two subsequent hearings and not more than three times during the entire hearing period of the case. If the warning is not adhered to, then the erring party should be taken to task. Hope the Supreme Court would take cognisance and implement this suggestion.

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