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Implement Traffic Rules Strictly
I usually spend some time with the traffic police manning the traffic lights at the CHOGM road junction at Porvorim around 6.30 pm when I go for a walk and invariably a two-wheeler almost hits me whilst I walk across the zebra crossing or rather meander my way through the stopped vehicles when the red light comes on. The police constables on duty at the junction just keep looking on while the assistant merely blows whistle as per the change in the traffic lights that come on. When I ask why no action whatsoever is being taken on the defaulters, they provide the same answer stating that they are fed up as nobody listens to them and those above them in hierarchy do not back or protect them and that, in fact, they suffer if they carry out their duty properly. They show me a book where they have noted vehicle registration numbers and forwarded for action. The same thing was conveyed to me by police personnel manning the Porvorim church crossing. There is never an officer with them during these hours. No wonder the traffic is indisciplined and our lives are at risk always. Traffic rarely slows down at the junctions as the yellow light comes on. Traffic generally never stops at or before the stop line. Some regularly rush through even when the red light is on. Vehicles stop on or after the zebra crossing. Those breaking the law or not following the traffic rules are not even admonished. Unless punished, nothing will improve.

Clear Garbage To Make ‘Cycle Party’ A Success
After the launch of the amphibian vehicle or the duck boat on land and in water, the state tourism department has reportedly introduced a ‘pedibus’ that aims to reduce road congestion. ‘Cycle Party’ as it is known, is a ten-seater eco-friendly, pedal-powered vehicle, which is popular in Europe and North America and is being introduced for the first time in India. Special food and beverages can also be availed on the route from partner restaurants. It is understood that the ‘pedibus’ is a vehicle, which is open on all sides and has a sitting configuration similar to that of a dining table giving a personalized feel to those riding it. It must be said that innovative ideas for the tourists must take into account the existing circumstances in the state. There is a lot of dust pollution and vehicular pollution on our roads. Hence the riders on these open vehicles will be subjected to a lot of pollution and not to mention the noise pollution from the passing vehicles and the garbage strewn along the roadsides. Will it be possible for the tourists to enjoy the food and beverages on these moving vehicles due to so much of pollution around? These concepts are popular in Europe and North America because of the clean environment and zero pollution existing there and may not work in a state like Goa. In Goa, it may seem that the tourists are much better off in a closed air-conditioned bus, which protects them from all the environmental pollution existing in the state. There could probably be very few takers among the foreign tourists for these pedal-powered tourist vehicles. It does not pay to ape the West in each and every aspect of development in the tourism sector.

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