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Welcome Animal-friendly Bullfights
In Goa bullfight is considered as a traditional sport. However there has been opposition from the animal lovers as the sport is considered as violent wherein injury is inflicted on the animals. The sport has also been legally banned in the state. However bullfights probably take place clandestinely in some remote villages in the state, specially, during the rainy season. However a bull fight need not be violent and cause injury to the animals. Bullfights are organised with a difference in Gulf Emirates of Fujairah. The organisers insists on animal-friendly fight and they ensure that the bull is not killed nor harmed. The bullfight fight lasts for a few minutes, ending when one of the bulls gives up or is pushed back by the rival bull. The commentator then announces that the fight is over whereupon the owners of the bull alone with other handlers use ropes to separate the bulls apart and the winner of the bout is then announced. It is pertinent to note that in wrestling a bout ends when the back of one of the wrestlers is pitted to the ground. In boxing the fight ends when one of the boxers cannot get up at the count of ten. Similarly bullfights should end when one of the animals gives up and is pulled back by the rival animal in order to make the sport more animal-friendly.

Pontoon Gone From Arossim Beach
Amidst the dark, gathering clouds of the on-going monsoon a small dim light of hope is visible on the horizon. The pontoon is gone and the apparition of Jeanne D’Arc is visible surrounded by an army of fishermen and others beating the traditional gulmott drum in harmony with their minds and hearts. For two years the big, immoveable monster of a barge lay buried in the sands of Candolim begging for forgiveness. The politicians and businessmen played their usual games while the barge swayed, danced and jived on the watery dance floor, always sinking deeper into a morass of hopelessness and despair. But, lo and behold, it was towed away two years later. In Arossim, on the contrary, the pontoon – a lovely word, isn’t it? – was cut up and dug up and dug out all in a space of less than three months. A great achievement, isn’t it? Need to mention in particular the deputy captain of ports Premlal Sirsaikar and the district collector Swapnil Naik of south Goa for their support and cooperation as well as various government departments and agencies who worked hard for the successful completion of this project which was a threat to the biodiversity of the Arossim beach. The debris of the pontoon will be removed from the Arossim beach in a few days, as soon as a site is identified by the owners of the pontoon. The Minister for Science and Technology Jeanne D’Arc de Cansaulim aka Alina Saldanha deserves awe and admiration. Obviously, the villages of Cansaulim, Arossim, Cuelin belong to the locals as they have clearly demonstrated to the whole of Goa their love for their villages. The villagers have articulated this message: We are in love with our village! They love their villages. Do other villagers in Goa also feel as strongly about their villages?

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