Monday , 17 June 2019
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Keep Tabs on Freshness of Fish

THE 61-day fishing ban has been in force in the state. But then one finds fish being sold in the market. The astonishing part is that all type of fish, even that which is available during a particular season of the year, is now available in the market. This is obviously the fish that was stocked in the cold storages when the particular type of fish was available in plenty. At times the fish is stocked in the cold storage for several months. The question to be asked is how fresh or rather how stale is the fish that has been stored for so many months. Can fish that is stored in cold storage remain ‘fresh’ for so many months? Is it advisable to consume such fish? Fish vendors may argue that such a practice of selling stored-up fish during the rains has been carried out all these years. But now it must be said that after the Maggi noodles episode, consumers have become more health conscious as regards to what they consume. It is understood that the Food and Drugs Administration has reportedly conceded that there is no set standard in place to check whether a particular fish is fresh or stale even though there is an elaborate mechanism available to check processed fish. Until and unless the authorities keep a check on the freshness of the fish that is sold when the fishing ban is in force, fish lovers in the state will be at the mercy of the fish vendors as regards the freshness of the fish. Probably the only alternative for fish lovers in the state would be to catch their own fish by angling. But this may not be possible for every Goan fish lover.



Three Big Enemies

It is clear that humankind has now three more enemies to deal with: big pharma, big food and big auto. Blockbuster drugs like “statins” (which treat cholesterol, vilified as a heart disease provocateur) and “gliptins” (for diabetes) prescribed enthusiastically by physicians, generate more than trillion dollars revenues for big pharma. The drug companies in turn plow big money into the political system to get protection and profits. The other two, big food and big auto, combine to subvert an active lifestyle based on traditional coarse grains and rough activity to turn us into sedentary couch potatoes feasting on mass produced, industrial grade carbs and refined foods. To make matters worse we overindulge in foods containing sugar, the “sweet poison” now rated as more injurious to our health than tobacco.  But the eminent Indian diabetologist Dr. Chidananda Rajghatta opines, “We can combat these enemies with a public policy that encourages lifestyle changes. Yoga or any other type of workout sans political motives and religious underpinnings is but a small first step. Many more twists and turns will also be needed to avoid the clutches of these Big Three.”



UPA’s Role in Lalitgate

TV channels and newspapers have been abuzz feeding the people with the different scams the BJP is involved both at the Centre and in a couple of states ruled by it. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is at the centre of a major row over helping scam-tainted former IPL chief Lalit Modi to obtain British travel documents when he is under the lens of the Enforcement Directorate for FEMA violations to the tune of Rs 425 crore in IPL TV rights deal and a blue corner notice is pending against him. On her part she has said that she acted on humanitarian grounds as Lalit Modi wanted to meet his wife ailing from cancer in Portugal.  Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje is also in docks for allegedly backing Lalit Modi’s immigration application in the UK in 2011 when she was the leader of opposition in the Rajasthan government. She has now reportedly admitted to backing Lalit Modi. Raje is in real trouble. We would like to reiterate that any act committed against the law is a crime and if the person is proved guilty one has to face the consequences. But in this backdrop it is exciting to know that the maximum noise is being made by the Congress whose ministers during the UPA rule had run havoc in the country particularly with respect to two of the worst scams, namely the coal blocks allocation and the spectrum sale, that had caused losses to the tune of lakhs of crores of rupees. That apart, whose making is the fugitive Lalit Modi after all? Was he not elevated to the post of IPL chief during the UPA rule, which is the ugly cause of all the mess? Were not UPA bigwigs like Sharad Pawar, Praful Patel, Shashi Tharoor and Rajiv Shukla a part of the Lalitgate? Was not UPA in power when Lalit Modi was found guilty of IPL scam and was wanted in the country to face the charges? When there is an extradition treaty with UK why was no effort done by the Congress-led UPA to extradite him to India from 2010 to 2014? One party embroiled in the worst crimes of our era is digging into the faults of another party!


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