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On Glorification Of Shivaji

SPEAKING at a function held on Wednesday for the Shivjayanti celebration at Farmagudi Fort, Ponda, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant praised and drew his own conclusions with regards to Maratha warrior Shivaji’s life and his contribution towards the wellbeing of Goa. Sawant claimed that if Shivaji had successfully freed Goa from the colonial Portuguese rule during the 1600-1680 period then Goans would not have had to suffer atrocities under the Portuguese for centuries. Well, there  is no point in still talking in terms of ‘if’ and ‘then’ about the past because whatever had to happen at that time already happened; we should learn to move on, as that is all history now. Today, we should learn to make the best use of the positives from the past and not sit with negatives to bring disasters on ourselves and on our tiny state of Goa. The one thing I don’t understand is:  why some of our Goan politicians show so much of enthusiasm and excitement in glorifying only Shivaji on his every birth and death anniversary in Goa and forgetting all other great freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose, Jhansi Ki Raani, Bhagat Singh etc who too sacrificed a lot during India’s freedom struggle to give our country independence? Sawant reportedly also made announcement for reconstruction and renovation of the Farmagudi Fort as well the Shivaji statue within a year. Well, nothing wrong in that. But how about installing statues of our own Goan leaders who fought during Goa’s liberation movement and of those who struggled to safeguard the identity of Goa during the historic Opinion Poll?


Guided Tour For Trump In India

US President Donald Trump has been told that when he lands at the Ahmedabad airport on  February  24, seven million people will line up along the road from the airport to the Motera stadium to welcome him. He has also been told that the Motera stadium is the largest cricket stadium in the world. He must have also been told that Gujarat is home to the largest statue in the world  – the statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. By now he would have also been told by the state department that India is the largest dictatorial democracy in the world and that India is also home to seven million Kashmiris, perhaps the largest chunk of population denied most fundamental rights for possibly the longest period in  the world history of democracies. Prime Minister Narendra Modi may also take Trump to the Sabarmati ashram to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi, despite of the widespread protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, the National Register of Citizens and the National Population Register.  The government of India should realise that the world is watching and no individual or country can be taken for a ride in the days of information revolution.


Shabby Sewerage Work 

ROAD excavation work has been underway in Ponda for laying sewerage system. However, it is rather disturbing to note that the excavated road is not filled satisfactorily once the work is completed. As a result, motorists and pedestrians are greatly inconvenienced. One such poorly executed work can be seen at the sharp turn near Almeida High School in the city. The uneven surface of the road could lead to pillion riders falling off the moving vehicles. The concerned authorities must take a note of the abovementioned concerns and take immediate remedial action.


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