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Unnecessary Honking

One sees ‘No Horn’ signboards at various places along the road. It is against the rules to honk near hospitals, courts, schools, colleges, etc as it can cause disturbance and inconvenience to the general public. But in Goa these signboards appear to have lost their significance. Frankly speaking how many vehicular drivers have been booked for honking at the ‘No Horn’ zone? Probably none or just a handful. In Goa drivers of four-wheeler and two-wheeler riders do honk continuously even when it is not necessary. They seem to have no patience to wait behind another vehicle. Some vehicles use horns of high decibels which can have a profound effect on heart patients having a pace-maker and elderly people. In western countries it is considered an insult for a vehicular driver if the driver at the back blows the horn. In India trucks are seen with the sign ‘No Horn Please’ written in bold letters at the back of the vehicle. But this hardly has any impact on the driver in the vehicle behind who may have the feeling that honking is their birthright. The police need to impose penalty on those vehicular drive who blow the horn of their vehicle at the ‘No Horn’ zone to curb the menace.   


Archbishop’s Statement

Two BJP Catholic ministers in Goa have issued diametrically opposite statements on the Archbishop of Goa, Daman and Diu’s appeal to the central government to revoke the CAA unconditionally. Mauvin Godinho, Minister of Transport, stated that a religious head had no right to interfere in the matter. Minister of Ports, Michael Lobo, on the other hand said that if he (Godinho)  did not approve  of the Archbishop’s appeal he should keep quiet. He added that it was totally wrong of Godinho to make the statement. My opinion is that a religious head cannot make a political statement from the pulpit, in the church. Even outside the church he should refrain from making political statements. But if he feels that any law is discriminatory and against the people, he has every right to express his opinion as a citizen of India.


Development Triumphs

The victory of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the recent Delhi Assembly elections reinforces the fact that the people chose to vote on developmental issues rather than the communal rhetoric that was being spun around. The BJP left no stone unturned to polarize the atmosphere in Delhi. From calling leaders terrorists to calling them anti- India, the campaign for the election was a new low, never seen in the capital since it got its assembly in 1993. On the other hand, the bouquet of mohalla clinics, subsidized water and power and improved education facilities helped the ruling AAP to retain power in the capital.


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