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Epitome of Ingenuity 

WE hear a lot about two-in-one and three-in-one products but we seldom hear about the one Goan community which is all-in-one – the Chari community.  The Charis do several jobs:  plumbing, electrical wiring, carpentry, motor vehicles and cycle repairing, painting, decorating and making grills and gates and whatnot.  They do all jobs skillfully without any diploma.  They have it in their genes.  If you have anything which is very old and cannot be used because of a broken part or for want of a spare part, entrust it to a Chari.  Nine times out of ten, he will innovate, fabricate and make it serviceable again. Sadly, the artisan and innovative Charis are becoming scarce since their sons are taking up other jobs, especially white collar employment even though their traditional line of work draws a good source of income.  The Charis should continue with their traditional trade by keeping at least one member of their family in it because they are masters in their line of work and servants elsewhere. The people do get migrant labourers to do these jobs but they are no match to the Charis of Goa.


Outright Violation of SC Verdict

CHIEF ministers of various states are continuously violating Supreme Court verdict which prohibits use of even photographs of chief ministers in government advertisements. The SC should have by now taken cognizance of such open violation of its verdicts by even persons seated on highly responsible posts so that people may realise that political rulers are not above law. In addition to start contempt proceedings against erring Chief Ministers, Supreme Court should make its verdict more stringent by making media also bound by its verdict so that media rejects all government advertisements with photographs of prohibited ones  including chief ministers. Since many states are still giving costly multi-page advertisements, a size-limit of government advertisements should also be fixed to save huge wastage of public funds by state governments. The states ruled by ruling political party at the Centre put photographs of Prime Minister in their advertisements. There should be an end to the practice: photographers of Prime Minister should not be allowed to be published in government advertisements. Otherwise it will lead to   counter argument by states for allowing photographs of chief ministers in the name of federal structure of Constitution. It is noteworthy that Chief Ministers have been biggest misusers of photo publicity at public expense. Best is to allow photographs of only President of India in government advertisements because chances of Chief Justice of India giving consent for photo publicity are remote.



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