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Kudos To Bicholim Police Station

In a significant achievement for Goa, and Bicholim in particular, the Bicholim police station has reportedly been named as the ninth best performing police station in the country. What is noteworthy is the fact that in the list of ten best performing police stations in the country released by the central government, the Bicholim police station was ranked ninth among 15,579 police stations across the country, following data analysis, direct observation and public feedback. It may be recalled that in 2018, Curchorem police station in South Goa had also featured in the top ten in the list. It was ranked tenth in the list. It is indeed a matter of pride for the Goa police that two of its police stations featured in the top ten for consecutive years. It is understood that the police stations which have featured in the top ten are those located in small towns and rural areas. This only goes to prove that besides available resources, dedication of the police personnel to prevent crime and serve the nation to the best of their ability is also vital. These back to back ratings of police stations in the state should serve as a boost for other police stations to perform credibly so that Goa police can get a hat-trick of ranking in the top ten by achieving the honours next year as well. 


Citizens Amendment Bill

The infiltrators bogey in Assam has fallen flat to the utter dismay of the ruling dispensation as the updated NRC has left out more Hindus than Muslims. Since the move has backfired the centre is trying to plug the loopholes by taking recourse in Citizens Amendment Bill.  The left out genuine Hindu citizens of Assam and illegal Bangladeshi Hindu immigrants will make way through the bill as religiously persecuted people from neighbouring countries. Moreover the Bill is unconstitutional and against the secular fabric of our nation, and is discriminatory and divisive as only the Muslims are excluded from it. The bill will include, Christians, Sikhs Jain, Buddhists, and Parsis, citing the reason that these religiously persecuted people are minority in Muslim dominated countries, and have no place to seek refuge and we on humanitarian ground should give them refuge. Fair enough. But why should it be selective? For the sake of argument one can argue that the Hindu refugees can seek refuge in Hindu majority country like Nepal, likewise Buddhists can take refuge in Burma and Christians can take refuge in Christian majority countries? Why only India? If one goes by the same logic the Rohingyas Muslims and Hindus are persecuted in Buddhist dominated Burma, then why not give them refuge? Why, there is sudden change of hearts for people of other countries when in our own county, Hindus from backward caste and tribes are discriminated on racial grounds?


Sexual Crimes Appalling

For a nation embittered by the four letter word rape which has been rearing its ugly head even more nonchalantly these days with reports about sexual crimes against women emanating from different corners of the country doing nothing to enhance the confidence people ought to have in a system fortified by new legislations to combat the vile act; the ‘speedy justice’ meted out to the Hyderabad rape and murder victim does come as a big surprise! However, while crimes against women have attracted wide-spread condemnation, it is the cases of rape and the viciousness involved which has drawn the most bizarre of responses from various sections of the society. While demands for death penalty, castration and public lynching of the culprits have been echoing in the high seats of power in the country for quite some time now, they can be conveniently overlooked as expressions of outrage by the lawmakers who should be pardoned for exhibiting their emotions publicly. But the very fact that such brutal punishments are being thought of as deterrents against the crime do suggest that the administration could, at times of extreme distress, give into public outcry and devise ways and means to punish the culprits in a ‘befitting’ manner. Was the Hyderabad incident such an act of retribution by the police! Or maybe it indeed was an act of self defence by the police, but the public jubilation over what many perceive as true ‘poetic’ justice is indicative of a collapse of our collective faith in the criminal justice system of the country. While not denying that every accused is entitled to a free and fair trail, it is the knowledge that the wheels of justice in the world’s largest democracy turn rather slow that has riled the public. It is not to say that this warrants extra-judicial killings. The police cannot, and should not, turn judge, jury and executioner all at the same time!


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