Friday , 22 March 2019


Act Against Slow-Moving Buses

It is a fact that overspeeding does cause accidents. But then it must also be said that vehicles which move at a very slow pace do cause obstruction to the smooth flow of traffic and may even cause accidents. It is seen that private mini buses plying from Headland Sada to Vasco city move at a snail’s pace. The buses are deliberately driven slowly so that there is build-up of passengers at the bus stops along the route. At times these buses also do not stop at the designated bus stops but halt wherever there is a passenger waiting for the bus. This slow movement of the buses causes hindrance to the smooth flow of traffic especially during rush hours and on the steep slope at Sada can even cause accidents when other vehicles try to overtake the slow-moving buses. It is common knowledge that overspeeding is prohibited by law. Is there no rule that does not allow vehicles to move on the roads at a snail’s pace thus causing inconvenience to road users as also posing a danger to other vehicles?


On Demand for Beef Ban

BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain has asked Muslims to demand a ban on beef in their states to promote communal harmony. He said the government decisions are taken based on public sentiments.  Najma Heptulla too echoed the same sentiment. Earlier Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi suggested that beef lovers should go to Pakistan. Are they speaking with conviction or are these statements only for public consumption? Their own families are unlikely to support the change in their food preferences. Politics can suddenly alter food preferences, but not all people are politicians. The fact of the matter is that in a couple of years India is set to become the largest Muslim country in the world (at present it ranks second after Indonesia). So while the sentiments of the majority community must be respected the sentiments of the world’s second largest Muslim community cannot be ignored. We need to draw the line on sentiments somewhere. If, for instance, we are to respect the sentiments of vegetarians who are in a majority in India then mutton, chicken and fish will have to be banned. Thereafter, all people will be vegetarians. Some years later people will say we must not hurt the sentiments of Jains and so potatoes, onions, carrots, radish, groundnuts and a host of other things grown underground must be banned! No, we must draw the line somewhere.



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