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Govt Should Bail Out ZACL

For nearly five decades, Zuari Agro Chemicals Limited provided employment to lakhs of people, many of whom were Goans. But now the iconic company is facing closure for several reasons. ZACL was founded by eminent Indian industrialist Late K K Birla in 1967 and the manufacturing operations started in 1974. A job at ZACL was much sought after and several people, including transport operators, were dependent on it for their living. A township came up around the factory. If the present financial crisis continues and the company shuts its operations then it will affect the livelihood of thousands of the workers including those engaged on contract basis and working in ancillary units. Several of the Goan youth will be left jobless which will lead to increase in the number of the unemployed. The state government needs to step in, provide assistance and do whatever is necessary so that the company continue with its operations and even bring back its glory. One just cannot imagine the Mormugao constituency without the iconic ‘Birla’ as it is popularly known among the locals, not functioning.


Truckers Dislike Tarpaulin 

TRUCKS carrying construction materials are supposed to use tarpaulin to cover the material. However, uncovered material is transported through the trucks in the state, posing dangers to other motorists. If a truck carrying uncovered construction material overturns or tilts to one side then there is every possibility of material tumbling down the truck and falling onto other motorists and pedestrians. The concerned authorities should take a note of this serious matter and take to task the truck drivers who transport the materials without covering it with tarpaulin.


They Are Protestors, Not Criminals 

THE 29 Aarey  (Mumbai) protestors, who had been  arrested  on October 4-5 and  now out on bail, have been slapped with criminal charges. They are not hardened criminals or rioters but peaceful  protestors, doing their bit to protect the environment. Most of those arrested are students and youngsters who are genuinely concerned about the environment. They  will be most impacted in years to come. “How dare you treat them like criminals?” Greta Thunberg would have thundered. Such criminal cases tend to drag on for years and cause untold hardships to those booked. These youngsters will not be able to apply for a new passport or renew an old one. In many cases they will not get employment even within the country. The charges must be withdrawn against them else this will deter  people from protecting our endangered environment.


Paradise In Peril

IT is outrageous that our government wants us to bear the brunt of the despicable accident-prone roads for another two long months. We are now at the mercy of potholed roads across the state, garbage strewn all over with sewage polluting streets, fields and rivers, even as stray cattle and dogs hold sway over every nook and corner of Goa. The people continue to grapple with the very erratic power and irregular water supply. Goa  has today  become  a hub for  gambling, prostitution, narcotic and crimes. Despite this situation, the government has had the audacity to squander crores of rupees under the guise of promoting Goa as a chosen ‘vibrant’ destination. It is an insult to the people of Goa that instead of acting with greater urgency and determination to put an end to the neglect, stench and deterioration caused over the years, the  government only cares about personal greed and power grabbing. The state must not embark on futile projects wasting taxpayers’ money which could be better spent on the longstanding and desperate needs of the people whose trust this government has betrayed. The government’s failed priorities clearly indicate that the huge expense being incurred is for their own personal gain rather than for the benefit of the people.  If Goa was freed of this menace of rampant corruption and if our ministers had focused on enhancing our infrastructure instead of enriching their deep pockets, the brand Goa would have sold itself and been a vibrant hub without a paisa needed to promote our state, once the ‘Pearl of the East’. No sensible investors will invest in a stagnant Goa now the eyesore of the East!


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