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Need For Practical, Responsive Govt

We are told that Modi 2.0 is brimming with ideas and setting fantastic targets for the people’s benefit. I beg to disagree and so do eminent industrialists like Adi Godrej among others who dare speak out. If the government keeps putting the cart before the horse, the people will keep suffering, especially the poor, uneducated and working class who cannot cope! So also many senior citizens and physically challenged. I visit banks, post offices, government offices where there is digitization but no reliable infrastructure! Delays, come tomorrow, server is down etc. For God’s sake have proper infrastructure first before implementation. A large chunk of people have suffered enough with Modi1.0 promises. The grievance mechanism is generally a joke. No reply or prompt reply with no follow up action. Buildings are falling down every year, flooding, malnourished children dying, deadly crimes termed as stray incidents and so on! No one is held responsible. I would request the government to heed the feedback  from the people without rubbishing it all the time. We are more interested in jobs, better education, lower prices, more security of life and limb and our hard earned money safe in the bank. We want to see transparency and accountability. The government says it is proceeding to bake a bigger pie and then only we will get a slice. I pray it is not a pie in the sky!

John Eric Gomes, Porvorim

Yash Sanvordekar Deserves bravery award

Yash Prahar Sanvordekar a thirteen-year-old school boy from Sanvordem is being widely appreciated by the locals for rescuing a 22 year-old youth from drowning. It is understood that Yash and his friend decided to cross the river by a canoe at Pali in Bicholim where he had gone with his family. While coming back they decided to swim and cross the river. While swimming Yash managed to reach the shore but his friend, when he was halfway, started drowning and shouted for help. Without a second thought and without wasting any time, the brave boy swam back and rescued the youth from drowning and brought him back safely to the shore. There is no doubt that thirteen-year-old Yash Sanvordekar has shown courage beyond his years. Every year on the occasion of Republic Day, children who are below 16 years of age are rewarded with National Bravery Awards for their “Act of Bravery against all Odds”. The Goa government should recommend the name of Yash Sanvordekar for the award which is presented ahead of the Republic Day celebrations in the national capital. The local MLA needs to bring the matter to the notice of the Chief Minister so that Yash Sanvordekar is recommended for the national award.


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